Do you use a URL Scraper for PPV?

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I downloaded a nice free one with all kinds of bells and whistles here:

Laser URL

but I wonder if it's overkill. I always find myself heavily dialing back on URLs anyway and it seems like I can pretty easily grab the top 10 from a Google search. Why is a URL scraper so helpful/important for PPV?
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    Laser URL is one of the best URL scrapers out there. It scrapes unique results from all three major search engines (both sponsored and organic) and has some neat options (including quantcast, preparing URLs etc.) Go through the vids posted on Matt's site and learn how to properly use it. If you know how, you will realize what a life saver that tool is.

    In General you will need a larger amount of URLs to start with PPV. Through tracking you will see what works and what not, therefore reducing the number of URLs a bit.
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    Well, what I understand from you is that you use one (or a hand full) of targeted keywords to find your targeted URLs and that might be OK.

    However, if you want to explode your campaign and load all kinds of targeted keywords, but with geo targeting, mispellings etc. then you soon start off a campaign with a targeted keyword list of 2000+.

    Now start about thinking to get each of the first 10-40 URLs for each keyword by hand, take out the duplicates, check quantcast etc. --> you will realize that you can't do that without a tool such as Laser URL....
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    I'm curious. Once you've tweaked your "winning" campaigns and have eliminated URLs that aren't converting for you, on average, how many converting URLs are you left with?
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    URL scrapers are good for getting a large amount of results.. ppv involves a lot of testing and tweaking, so often people will just run a ton of urls and see what works and doesnt
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    You can try my scraper ( ). It's free during the beta stage.
    It can scrape thousands of urls and show the quantcast and alexa rank for each of them.
    Try it , it will save you lots of copy pasting time
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    Another free CPV scraper is - it does Google/Yahoo/MSN paid & organic, Quantcast, and some others.
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    All we use internally is Quantcast and Quantcast's media planner. I find that the best work is done by hand. Everyone else uses scrapers that pull the same URLs so your basically competing with others.
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    What is the purpose of a scraper anyway? How does it work?
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    I find that using targeted search strings with a scrape tool can give you lots of great tartgets to bid on. Finding high traffic websites by hand is always a great option as well ofcourse
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    agree done by hand is better
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    Laser is a great free tool if you need to collect bulk URL's. Mainly handy if you're using the smaller PPV networks where you need a ton of targets to get sizeable traffic.

    But like others have mentioned, picking by hand after some good research is the way to go for the larger networks. Too many targets will blow through your budget pretty quick. I usully start with no more than a handful to start testing.
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    Affportal is the one I use also. You just have to make sure you delete URL's like and the likes. They will just bleed your campaign.
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    Do any of the scrapers mentioned above work on a mac? Or are some of them web based?
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    I have scrapebox and it looks awesome but damned I have never been able to get my license activated... They had issues with hurricane Irene as of late I hope it gets resolved quickly I need it for ppv
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    The best Best BESTTTTT scraper is yourself. I mean rather than a robot do it for you why not do it yourself see something for a change.
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    If you are talking about the URL Scraper from through CNET.
    Don’t buy it! You cannot get a hold of the company and I tried many times. (I am the first reviewer on CNET Downloads) It worked great on XP yet failed on Win 7 64bit. I liked it and I bought it and NEVER got the Key ID. Out $10.00, so what?!! (A cheap lesson) Now YOU won’t buy it… there is a phone # on my bank statement 613-258-6337, yet it is not able to take messages. Those jerks in Canada took me to the cleaners, eh. I have nothing against Canadian’s because I am one!
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