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Hey guys, first post here but feel it is relevant to some here, think its in the right place

The headline says already all you need to know and yes you saw it right: Making money with a lost user. But what's a lost user? In this case it's a certain user who comes to your webiste and immediately leaves it again. This can be for several reasons like low performance on loading the site, content doesn't match what the user expected by the SERPS or even just a click by mistake.

Normally those users would go back to Google or any other link they visited before on the same browser. This is the point where our Backoffer AdSpace is playing out it's benefit. If you placed the AdSpace in the top of your website and a user wants to leave your site again they will get sent to an offer instead to the website they were browsing on before.

Under references like GEO, connection, Device and several other aspects slimspots is showing your user the best converting offer according to their info and make them convert. So with this AdSpace you have a great opportunity to turn a lost user into cash.

You have any questions or you simply dont want to miss this great opportunity? Then simply visit us at, sign up, create your AdSpace and turn traffic into cash you couldnt monetize before.

Many thanks and best success to you all

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    Where is your ad in the site exactly? if a user wants to go back he will click on the "back" button, where do you come in to action?
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    • Hey dvz, apologies, I put the answer to your comment as a new comment rather than a reply, please see above, thanks and good day
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    I remember coming across a plugin named backjacker, what did plugin basically did was monetize the traffic leaving your site but I wonder how effective it is or maybe you can try retargeting?
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  • Hey guys, thanks for the comments.

    So yes, dvz, if the user was coming from a search engine for example. If they land on your site and they want to exit straight away they would hit the 'back' button.
    Here is where the backoffer kicks in, they will automatically be redirected to an ad rather than going back to the search engine results page.

    Stats are showing that this can monetize around 10/15% of the traffic lost in this way.

    If you need anymore info just let me know,

    thanks and best of success to you

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