Routing Number - SWIFT code for UK banks

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I am trying to get direct deposit from Pepperjam but on payment method, it is asking for Routing Number and SWIFT code.

But, here in UK, we use IBAN and BIC code so what should I put in those routing number and swift code fields on my pepperjam profile?

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    For all intents and purposes the IBAN and SWIFT codes are the same, just different names for the same thing. IBAN/SWIFT works in the US and the whole world but was designed for use originally within the EU but is now a global standard.

    The routing code is a North American thing. The SWIFT/IBAN code contains all the necessary data for routing the payments from the payor bank to payee bank. If you enter your IBAN then you will not need a routing number (not that you can give one for a UK abnk anyway!)

    If their system is not working right and requires the routing code then contact Pepperjam and engage with them to sort the issue out.
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    or you could ring your bank! they will be able to give you the numbers to fill in.
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    I'm not even sure if a US CPA network like pepperjam will be able to transfer via direct deposit to a foreign bank, you'll probably have to request a wire transfer instead. I'm sure you'll be charged a transfer fee, but it'll be pretty quick.
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    I think they do direct deposit but its been a rough run for me so far ..It's been over 45 days that I am struggling to get my payment. But, my affiliate manager is helping me out to sort the issue.

    They are not offering paypal anymore so I can't use that option.

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