CPA - The Magic Bullet?

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So there's a ton of info out there now about CPA and how it's the magic bullet of IM.

And of course I'm jumping into the game!

I've gotten approved a 7 CPA's and have started testing offers with different traffic sources. But I'd like to shortcut some testing expenses.

I'm looking for some feedback from experienced CPA marketers on what type of traffic I should send to different conversion systems...

For example:

Does PPV work best to a landing page or directlinking?

And so on and so forth...

Obviously there is some influence depending on the offer you are promoting, but I'm looking for some generalities here in hopes of people being willing to share!

Looking forward to chatting with you.


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    Jason, I think you hit the nail on the head. Without knowing exactly what offer you are doing, what skills you have and what promotion method you are looking to pursue, the only advice people can give you is general advice.

    Luckily you are also right that there are a lot of very talented CPA marketers lurking aroudn this forum and most are very helpful.

    Here are a few general tips I have.

    1. Traffic is king. The name of this game is finding traffic and then converting that traffic. In general, the more targeted your traffic source, the easier to convert because you can tailor your strategy to that niche. With that said, there are all kinds of ways to get traffic. PPV, PPC, free, cheap and more. As a general rule I wouldnt over invest in paid traffic until you are familiar and comfortable. Take action, but start small if you are doing paid so you dont go broke. My advice would be to stick with cheap or free traffic until you get more comfortable with the industry.

    2. Testing and tracking is just as important as traffic. No matter what you are doing, you ALWAYS should be it colors, landing page design, copy, font size, EVERYTHING. Your goal is to continually optimize your campaign. Similarly, testing is not any good unless you track. You want to methodically track all traffic, sales, times, etc down as narrow as you can. The deeper you track, the more statistics you can get and this will enable you to optimize.

    3. Persistence. At first, thigns wont make sense, that is okay...keep going, keep takign action and keep challenging yourself. Things will start to make sense and things will seem easier with time and experience.

    4. Lastly, Creativity is how you make money. All it takes is a creative tweak on something somebody else is doing for you to make money and not them. Make sure you set aside enough time each campaign and each day to just sit their and creatively think. Brainstorm crazy ideas and then test them out. Most will suck and not work, but the one that does may be a substantial source of income.

    Best of luck on yoru journey. CPA is awesome, glad to have you aboard!

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    I afraid without doing your own testing, you're not going to get very good answers here. What works for one guy doesn't for another. If you have an unlimited budget and have experience already, I think you're overanalysing big time.

    Take action. Run some tests. Want to see what works between direct linking or using a landing page? Split test them. You'll find out.

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    Yeah, I mean your question is very broad. The truth is that most offer can work with most traffic sources. Some work better than others, but there isnt one way, or one traffic source, or one offer that is best.

    Having an unlimited budget is fantastic but you need to pretend like every dollar you put into testing (investment) is thought of as a real hard earned dollar. Throwing money around will just make somebodys pockets bigger, not yours.

    Whatever traffic source or offer you decide to pursue, make sure to do testing on a smaller scale. Test, track and optimize at a smaller level and then once you find something that works, then you can start dumping the real money into testing on a larger scale. Testing small will allow you to find the offers with greatest potential thereby making sure are spending the big dollars wisely.

    Whatever you decide, best of luck!

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