Has anyone make significant money on direct linking to CPA offers?

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Hi Everyone,

I have started learning CPA marketing since last August and actually started testing out in mid Nov while taking part in PublisherChallenge affiliate competition. I've managed to win as a new affiliate signup in the competition and my main strategy is using direct linking in 2nd tier PPC search engine like 7search and Looksmart. Initially, I did make consistent profits of about $7 USD for about consecutive 10 days for all the campaigns I created and I was pretty excited about it as I thought if I can consistently make it for 1 month, I will make a 200 plus dollar profits. However, I do not know what had happened and the leads were reduced significantly which in the end made a lost.

I was thinking whether is it still profitable to make significant money through direct linking to CPA offers from 2nd tier network? Has anyone make big profits through direct linking or should a simple landing page be created?

Thinking of starting direct linking with PPV traffic, has anyone make profits on tat area too?

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    yes, but generally these days landing pages can help you do so much better
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    Originally Posted by JavierChua View Post

    Thinking of starting direct linking with PPV traffic, has anyone make profits on tat area too?

    I don't really know what is 2nd tier network, but I did make quite huge amount of money within 2 weeks (4 figure amount), using cpv method. Direct linking of course, since I am quite new to the cpv method and the cpa industry. I meant I read a lot about it but I never actually do anything to monetize it until early of January this year.

    It really depends on what kind of offers you are doing with the direct linking method. You need to track everything down the the keyword level too, and you need to test everything out at the same time. Without tracking and testing, it's hard to make things work.

    Another thing that I've learned in a private paid ppv coaching forum was, diversifying your offers. Don't just promote one offer and hoping to make 4 figure income per day with that single offer/campaign.

    Hope this info will help you out a bit. Cheers
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    Direct linking is not easy anymore unless you go to second and third tier engines which generally have far less traffic. A ogod idea would be to try and create a squeeze page so you can at least keep leads for yourself on top of the front end commissions.

    As per the previous post, yes, you need to diversify your offers. Most people doing 4 figures a day are doing so from a combination of multiple offers that do good not great. That is probably one of the biggst lessons that I learned. Instead of trying to create one massively profitable campaign, why not create a bunch of good campaigns which when combined, add up to a massive income. Its a diff approach but seems a lot easier to accomplish in my opinions.
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    Point of a LP is to make the buyer want to buy the product, though the advertisers LP's may do that, offers always convert better with a custom, better designed LP.

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    Landing pages are what are best. Make a simple pre-sell page. That should help conversions.
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    You're welcome.

    One more thing though, don't just THINK.

    DO IT !

    Tell you what, the forum is still very new and we can still focus on getting help from the coach. There are only 100+ people in the forum..

    Think about this : What if the forum grows into a 500+ people forum ? Will you get fast response from the coach ? I don't think so.

    Hope to see you over there

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