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I use CPALead for my non-adult site, but I am looking for a CPA network to monetize my adult sites.

Any suggestions?
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    Try adult/porn networks like ccbill. Also do Google searches (filter OFF ) in your adult niches and visit the main porn sites/networks. Obviuosly skip all the affiliate sites/tgp/video tubes etc. Go for the content providers. Or go for the adult dating sites or adult products. There is normally a webmasters/affiliate/partners link soemwhere near the bottom of the home page. You will find heaps of CPS or lead offers. Sorry don't know if any adult affiliate networks exist at this stage. It wouldn't surprise if they do though.
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    CpaLead also accepts adult now.. they are in beta stage. It s called adult access.
    So you can talk to your CpaLead manager to approve you also on Adultaccess.
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    It is funny that I ran across this today because earlier I was speaking with someone that was discussing the same niche topic and I cannot help but feel a little weird due to our surroundings been a CEO boardroom in the middle of a meeting.
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    CpaLead Adult they just opened adult lead section
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    The best and really only Adult CPA Network worth mentioning is - HUNDREDS of adult offers in every niche from adult dating to cams to hardcore niches and adult dating niches. You name it we got it. #1 choice by advertisers with tons of exclusive offers and higher payouts than you can get direct with many offers you cant even get direct! We are on a first name basis with every owner of every large reputable adult company. You wont find a more solid network with a better selection of adult offers and a more dedicated support staff anywhere guaranteed!
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    dating gold and leadbolt. Both network accept adult traffic.

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