Is CPA Networks Cheating ?

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Hello all warriors,

I am new to CPA business and I need a quick help.

I have been marketing CPA from 2 networks for the past 3 months now and I have not really made any money. I drove traffics and make sure everything is ok.

Just 2 days ago out of curiousity, I sent one of my CPA affiliate links to my wife's email to buy through that link which is Trial Offer for anti-aging product.

Yesterday I logged in to my CPA account to verify if I get credit for that transaction. To my surprise, it was never recorded in my account. So, I got no credit for that transaction.

So, I start calling my CPA account manager. I called him like 5 times only to be directed to answering machine. So, I sent email and he replied later with "I don't know" type of thing.

Now, to all guru CPA warriors out there, how do you guys track your sales? How do you make sure the CPA networks are not cheating you? I will really appreciate you guys reply. I have spent a lot of money in marketing with nothing to show for it.

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    what CPA network are you with?
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    shaving is part of the it or not.
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    Hey Solomon as we discussed earlier today we are checking with the advertiser to see what is going on with this. But our network has no intentions of cheating any of our affiliates at all. Hope to hear something back about this as soon as possible and I will let you know what is going on.
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    great!! tip never use adwords or at least the search network in google... you will get burned right now... seriously
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    I can't stand when they shave. It happens all the time with most networks, unfortunately.

    MaxBounty and NeverBlue are probably the best bet.......Market Leverage and Amped as well....oh and CPAEmpire aka Affiliate(dot)com are reliable as well
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    Again, it's not the networks who "shave" - it comes from the advertisers. Any legitimate network does not have time to go through accounts a remove leads manually. Track your campaigns with t202.

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    Trust me, any network who finds an advertiser shaving, will drop them - as it is costing the network time and money to leave them on. Another thing to remember is that many many networks run their own buys with the campaigns as well.

    But to say networks are "cheating" by picking a lead here and there to "shave" is a little silly.

    Take care
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    Oh and by the way, and this is NOT directed towards Jared specifically, but there is no difference between shaving and theft in my opinion.

    If I spent $3 on a click that leads to a conversion and I don't get credited, you can call it shaving all you want, in my book, its theft.
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    Well, there are a few things you need to consider.

    First, the platform. If they are running on HitPath, there is an automatic shaving/scrub level. It stinks. That's how they make money. DirectTrack is probably the best. LinkTrust is good but is going through some pretty heavy growing pains since their recent upgrade with all their compliance tools. Hasoffers is on the money - big time.

    Now, as to the custom platforms. I can't say it enough. Neverblue, Peerfly, MarketLeverage, Azoogle, QWIK, EWA, Globalizer,, and COPEAC. They are always on top of the game and are honest in this business when it comes to leads. They will track your leads and work to make sure that you are getting what you are sending them. Neverblue, Peerfly, and Azoogle have all built their portals from the ground up so NEVER worry about shaving there.

    If you are trying to find out if someone is stealing you $$$$, you need to get someone who understands fraud compliance from the inside and out. Ever think of subscribing to a service like FraudSolver (
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    I'm just thinking that advertising the CPA network using PPC is a risky business. Lot of day with profit but many days come with loss. Because more spending than earning

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