Amazon Associate Network... easy to get accepted?

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Hello everyone,

I'm fairly experienced in PHP & web design, but new to affiliate marketing, I was just wondering if you could give me some advice about the Amazon Associate program..

Is there anything I should know before signing up?

how easy is it to get accepted, is there anything I should be aware of before I apply?

- should I have a fully fledged website up and running based around the niche I wish to promote products in first, or can I submit any domain I own ragardless of it's current content? - is just a basic holding page of a domain I own and a brief explination of how I intend to use it enough?

They do seem to ask quite a lot of very specific questions about your domain, obviously the last thing I want to do is get rejected. Ultimately I intend on using SEO techniques to get a niche store full of amazon products ranking in search - as I haven't decided on a niche yet, I've not decided on the final domain name, so for now, for testing purposes, can I sign up using any active domain I own regardless of it's current content, or one with just a holding page so long as I explain to them what I intend to do with it?

Thanks in advance for any advice you guys can give!

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    If you get a proper website that looks like a real media/advertizing company, you will get accepted asap.

    Fill out the form and then call 'em up later. Speeds up the process.

    Any questions just let me know
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    From what I remember I was approved right away. You should be fine just showing them any basic website.
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    It's very easy, just throw up a wordpress site, write some articles and your good
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    I applied for Amazon about a year ago. They asked me what methods would I use for advertising. I told them I would use PPC and I got denied because they dont allow that kind of traffic!
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    really easy... just get a website and give them a call...
    i got accept within 6 hours

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