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Is there a logic way or a thinking method that can be applied to identify the groups people are part of ?

For example, if I was promoting a book about fishing, that would be easy as people wouls identify "fishing" as an activity on their profiles on social networks, so that wouls be farily easy to target, but if I take a credit card offer, no one is looking actively for credit cards on social networks.

How would I find a relevant group that might be crowded with people looking for credit cards? What's the thinking method behind that?

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    Hey Mario

    Best way I know is to first find a few URL's that are relevant to the niche. Easiest way is obviously to do a search on Google and grab the top 5 or 10 results. Then plug those URLs into

    1) Google Ad Planner
    2) Quantcast
    3) Alexa

    All of those tools will give you a breakdown of the demographics of people visiting those sites. Cross reference all 3 and you should get some good demographics.

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    Hi Filter,

    Thanks for answering, but I'm not looking for demographics directly. I'm looking for "groups". I want to know which "groups" people belong to.

    For instance, if I wanted to sell an ebook about fishing, I would target people that like fishing.

    But if I wanted to sell a credit card, how would I target people? What do they like? They dont put that they like "credit cards" on their profiles, I need to find a group they belong to to target.

    This is what Im looking for,

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    I think we all wish people would put "I like credit cards" on their profile

    I really can't think how you could narrow down something as broad as credit cards to a particular group of people that have a common interest. Well, maybe you could with a lot of lateral thinking far beyond what my brain can come up with. Would be very interesting to hear others thoughts....
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    You may not find people talking about Credit cards. But you can find groups for business men, entrepreneurs... These people may be interested in Creditcards. Instead of finding the exact group of people, try to find a matching group.
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    Actually one thought I did have, maybe think about where you see credit card advertising offline. For instance, does Mastercard have signs up at the baseball game? Does Visa sponsor a Formula one team? (they don't but you get the idea). Their HUGE marketing teams have already done the work for you.

    I just did a quick google search and here's all of Mastercards current sponsorships.

    Current Sponsorships | MasterCard®

    Maybe somewhere to start. I see that they sponsor the PGA tour. So golf could be one of your targets...
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    Thanks Filter,

    This is exactly what I was looking for, even though golf came as surprise, I was looking at the opposite end of the spectrum.
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    I have never promoted credit cards, although one of my affiliate managers has already recommended me an offer in this vertical. I think that this is not something easy to promote. Very profitable, but certainly not easy.

    The first step to identify the demographics of people looking for credit cards online would be find some sites selling CCs and then use Alexa, Google Ad Planner and Quantcast to find out what are the demographics of their visitors.

    Of course, you will need much more accurate information to promote these offers, but I think that this is the way to start.

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    I agree with alot of these posts. There are no specific "groups" of people that like credit cards, but your job as an affiliate marketer is to find people that NEED credit cards. So the million dollar question you should as yourself is, Who needs a credit card?

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