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I have a few questions about Azoogle.

Have they been fully absorbed by their parent company, Epic Direct?

I tried to call them after I applied, but all I got was voice mail. I received an email from them because I was away when they called. I am fairly new to online marketing, but I know and understand a fair bit. So what I'm asking is if anyone has applied in a similar position that I'm in to Azoogle, and what would they like to hear? (PPC campaigns, email, banners...)
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    They would like to hear the truth.

    Say how you intend to drive traffic to their offers and explain what you have experience working with (verticals and traffic source).

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    Mergers. Re-branding. Firing. Hiring.

    It's all the same thing, they're good people in my eyes. I've been working with them forever as an affiliate and I continue to work with them on their exclusive deals (getting them onto EWA). Rarely had any problems.
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    Well darn, was told that I needed more experience, recommended that I take some courses and try other networks first. All of which I understand; no ones going to be holding my hand through this. Although I wish I got a shot at it.

    What other networks have you guys experienced that newbie friendly and lenient on the application process.
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    Yesterday I got into Azoogle. They need some screenshots of your Cpanel and web site. Just tell them your experience about traffic to your offers and future plan. They will consider about your application. Before calling them, respond them via email. Then they know that you need to participate.
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    Azoogle has great support, probably the best out of all cpa networks im involved with.

    The only thing I dont like about them is their user interface.
    No date on EPCs, I hate that.

    Neverblue has a better interface imo.

    Tell them folks at epic to create a epic user interface lol!

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