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I run Linux Critic which is a website that provides reviews and news of various Linux distributions. Typically, it gets around 2000+ visitors per day but I get literally zero clicks on adsense.

I'm looking for suggestions on ways to monetize or perhaps other ad networks that may be good alternatives.

Any help would be appreciated.

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    How about a gateway where you can't see the content until you click on a box or complete a survey. Make users sign-up before they have access to your premium content and build a list and sling crap, I mean ebooks and offers to them.
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    Nice site! What theme is that?
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      I'm not sure people would even read the site if i went the gateway method, i need to keep it relatively professional.
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      Originally Posted by ddlingo View Post

      Nice site! What theme is that?
      Agreed! I like it too.
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    Write a book on Linux and sell it

    Too much ads on the site ? I would try with only ads in an article for some time. Float the ads to the left. May be a problem since you have some big images in there but you know what I mean.....
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    I think that offers related to technology and computers could do well. Go to sites like TechCrunch and see 2 things:

    1. How they display their AdSense ads. I know that people click on ads there, so your problem might be the way you display ads.

    2. What people advertise there (AdSense advertisers). You should look for similar offers to advertise on your site.

    Join some CPA networks and ask your affiliate managers some suggestions based on your audience. Also, join Clickbank and look for products related to programming, designing, etc...

    2K+ a day is a good volume, and it seems that you already have the hardest task done, which is getting traffic. Now, just split-test different things and find out what converst well for you.


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