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When you add campaigns to Lead Impact, do you use the "Keyword Pass-Through" feature or do you append the %keyword% variable to the end of your Tracking202 link?
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    You do not need to append anything to your 202 link. Just click the keyword-passthrough and it will automatically append the keyword to the end of your link whenever an impression is triggered.

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    I've switched to using the %KEYWORD% token. I don't know why but the passthrough option was only working about 90% for me (ie keyword was blank). Since swicthing to the token it's been 100%. No idea why.
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    any lead impact promo method that success ? i need some guide here...
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    the keyword passthrough has been working fine for me.
    on a side note, make sure your changes are updated when you are viewing 1000+ target at once

    the interface tends to take some time to save data when the list is long

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