Email/zip submits that pay $1-$5

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How are some networks able to pay $1-$5 per email submit? it seems like a lot of money to pay for one email address.
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    That's a pretty big range. The sweet spot is around the $2.00 range, with groups down around the 1.25-1.35 and some in the 2.5-3 range. 5 is a lot for sure, but I'd expect that to get lowered at some point, or for there to be a lot of scrubbing, or maybe just very tight control around who they allow to promote, etc.

    Payouts are usally linked to the difficulty in getting the visitor to complete the action required. I haven't seen any $5 e-mail submits that would be cool, but I've only been in the CPA game for a few months.
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    As long as they can monetize on the backend of at least their payout it makes sense. One thing you have to keep in mind is that normally you dont get paid for every email though, which is why payout on simple submits is less important than other types of offers where you generally get 100% credit for all leads
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    In one of my campaigns, I had all my leads (e-mail submits) scrubbed when I really had a conversion rate of around 30%...
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    If they pay you $100 to bring them 100 emails and then after a month they send out those mails promoting a certain product that sells at $40 a piece and they make 5 sales out of the 100 emails you brought thats $200....Thats 200% ROI.

    Thats how this business works and thats how they are able to pay $10 on some offers for a simple 3-field one page submit.
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    Just curious ...

    Anyone gettin rich off email/zip submits? I mean with $2.00 a lead you need to be sending a HECKUVA LOT of traffic to have a profit margin of around $200 per day. I've always found that the margins just dont offer any real room for growth and big profits. I'll stick to finance and travel for now.

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    Promoting in any niche can be profitable, there are affiliates pushing 1000's or more per day with them.
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    The biggest CPA email-submit I have ever seen was for $2.60 for an iphone offer from ORC. They can afford to pay this much per lead because they will ask the visitor fill out other offers to recieve the gift.
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    the email/zip submit payout is nothing for the advertiser when they are generating $50+ on average when a user who completes an email/zip submit actually completes the entire reg path.
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    Even mobile Pin submits, They offer from 5 to 10$ each lead, And i beleive thy are sending lots of promotion to their leads. and in return they are making huge money out of it.
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    It's not just a simple email. I mean, you get paid when they submit but after they are practically forced to fill out a bunch of other information for ages. In the long run, they end up making a lot more than $1 from a single person's information.
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    It's not about the payout. It's about volume with those types of submits. You want to weigh out your EPC and try to decide if your campaign is profitable or not. Email and Zip submits are meant to be high converters that will add up little by little over time.
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    Simply speaking, the key point is ROI. If they could earn $50 from each Email you submit, pay you $5 per submission is a really good deal for them.
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