Step by Step – How to Make Money From Sports Events

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One of the most popular forms of entertainment in the world is sport. Most people watch sports on their TV, but many times a particular sporting event may not be available on their local television channels.

What do these sports fans do? They go online and try to find a live stream. This is where you come in! The goal is to provide these fans with a live stream of the event and monetize it using a content gateway.

Find the stream: Let’s use soccer for this example. We go to and search for the game. Once we find the stream we grab the embed code from under the video.

Set up you website: I’ll assume you have hosting and a place to set up a website. Add this embed code to your website and use a content gateway (such as the one we offer at AdGate Media) to protect the video. There’s some fancier stuff you can do here such as page design and gateway design, but I won’t get into that.

Promote: There’s lots of ways to promote. One free method that’s been proven successful is YouTube. Here is a video my friend made using this method during the world cup:

15k views and this is just one video. Drop your link in the description and watch the money come in.

The amount you will make depends on the popularity of the event as well as your promotion techniques. If you have any questions feel free to shoot me a PM or reply to this thread.
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  • Profile picture of the author Nelson Felix
    is it legal to use tv program?
  • Profile picture of the author yoyo
    well your just posting the embedded link.
  • Profile picture of the author Anthony K
    Curious, how much did your friend make on that one campaign, the one you linked the video from? I wonder what his conversion rates were..
  • Profile picture of the author mamu
    what I can say is the most important thing is get the traffic
  • Profile picture of the author marketwarrior06
    yeah its a good way to promote your business. thousands of people will view your site at this moment so there is a great chance to get good clicks on your sites. i don't think there is any harm or brake of rule.
  • Profile picture of the author masterofinternate
    I haven't ever promote any kinds of campaign or offers on sports event but It's sounding pretty interested. People are always searching for sports update and If we can promote it properly then there's a big possibility of handsome income as the ICC World cup is already knocking at the door. So traffic will generate automatically as there's no shortage of sports fan in the world.
  • Profile picture of the author williamrs
    Nice share!

    It seems to be a simple yet very effective strategy to make money with content lockers!

  • Profile picture of the author Anthony K
    Yes, please. I would be very interested.
  • Profile picture of the author cooler1
    It sounds like a good method. What was the payout for each conversion for the content locker?

    I just got the stats for you. Over the course of 2 weeks, 33 videos were uploaded and total earnings were $2.4k.
    Did he only upload the videos to Youtube to make that amount?

    Ive heard of a similar method but it involves movies and a content locker. Some people tried it but said it didn't work. Do you think that maybe due to the method being saturated?

    When you create a gateway with AdscendMedia it says;

    Warning: We do not allow our gateway to be used for any of the following:
    • Copyrighted video such as TV shows or movies
    • Any content that infringes on the copyrights of others
    • Adult content (nudity, etc)
    • Fake or misleading content
    • Any pages that imply the availability of the above.
    How can you be sure if the stream is infringing on copyright or not? Would matches such as the Champions Leauge be allowed to be embedded?
  • Profile picture of the author tayuyaa
    Nice share, and I dont think it's illegal at all, well maybe a bit but it's different than movies imo, I wanted to do this also with the last chamions league games, but really I missed this opportunity, I saw a lot of people doing this not only with youtube but with streaming site, they upload an image and put a link in the description, works like a charm!!
  • Profile picture of the author Cash37
    This doesnt work that well anymore. Competition has bots that will flag all your videos and your landers.
  • Profile picture of the author lovingperson

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