YouTube Marketing, HELP ME! Zip or Email offers, where to submit videos!, best cash from my videos!

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Ok, first off, let me say I am on my computer when I get home for about 4 hours every day doing NOTHING important other than randomly clicking on Facebook.

I want to invest my time into something IMPORTANT. I can make a good, 30 second video in about 3 minutes. That is about 20 per hour. So realistically, 60 videos a day + uploading them.

I am only 15, but I can use adobe after effects to make some special exits and intros, but the inside content will be done in Windows Movie Maker, so I get a good balance of professional looking and quick to make.

This is my plan for every week.

1) Make 2 intros and 2 exits in After Effects (Maybe more?/??/?) for every offer I choose to promote. (About 2 or 3 offers, will stick with those offers unless they dont convert)

2) Then get about 50 pictures of every topic and put them in a folder

3) Then use those pictures, intros, and different words to make 25-40 second videos, using about 3 or 4 pictures per video.

4) In each video, make pop up boxes with links to my subdomain and offers.

5) POSSIBLY----> A custom landing page that look like the one of the offer I'm promoting. Would this help, I will probably test it anyways, but any advise here would help.

Then repeat those steps every week but promoting the same offers, so I have a diverse number of videos.



1) What offers should I promote? I know and will only do things relating free ipad, iphone, macbook, ect... Would those work good

2) What would help me maximize profits and Click through ratios. Like keywords, boxes, and what type of offers like email, zip, ect...

3) How many videos per account? I remember reading YouTube banning accounts for spam videos. I will save every video, but obliviously don't want to go through the hassle of reuploading, loosing views, ranking, ect..

4) LANDING PAGES???? I know these are a must have for PPC, PPV to get a nice list, but I always thought YouTube traffic was more random and less focused on the niche of your offer and spamming them with free offers wouldn't help, is this true?

5) What else???? What else should I do to make this more profitable?

I will also do ANY video editing for anyone who needed it for a small price. Maybe for free, I can do almost anything, as long as it doesn't involve real footage. But totally synthesized videos are a piece of cake.

Also, my computer has 3 GTX 580's in SLI and I have a 50 MBPS connection, I can upload and render these movies almost instantly, and I can whip up a quick video with text in about 30 seconds when I'm focused, or about a few minutes when I'm watching Top Gear

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    Hi! I would love to use your services today. Contact me at ewilner (at) gmail
    or skype me at ewilner1422

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    I was saying would you make movies for me? I'll be willing to pay of course, depending on the price because I'm really low on money after learning that paid traffic (not ppc) doesn't convert and that WSO's are only good for already experienced people.

    You can just email me bro. I'll PM you.

    Also to get post count up quicker, roam the Internet Marketing Discussion forum (most popular) and answer peoples questions or ask questions if you have any. That section gets a lot more replies and a lot more new threads because it's the most popular. There's always 1k+ in that section at all times.
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    Does anyone know how to boost video views?
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    hey xaxistech I'd like to purchase a batch of say 15-25 1 min video's. If they provide good results you'll have a return customer guaranteed. Since you can't pm yet shoot me an email at
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    To all of you who responded, I will be posting sample videos, intros, and a voice over of what I can do for you.
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    Uploading the video as I speak, there was a small problem with the audio, it doesnt match the video, it is around 10 seconds behind. The stupid hypercam messed up the audio rates. But you should still be able to see what I can do!

    The video will be posted here when I am done!
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    Video uploaded on the site!
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    all of my videos has disabled on youtube...
    im freaking out... what should i do to promote zip and email offers? matacafe maybe? or what?! did anyone knows?
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    Make Phone Verified account, then there is very low chances to get flag. I can create phone verified account. PM me For price

    When it come to traffic. upload tons of videos on youtube then you willl get tons of traffic. I have a custom designed tool which can extract thousands of unique video from your one video. PM me if you are interested to purchase this tool.
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    I have been so confused about video marketing. I'm very thankful for this forum cuz I'm learning a lot! Video marketing works, but I'm starting to see that it takes TONS of videos just to make a little bit of money a day. I guess the key is persistence

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