Anybody had problem with Google Adwords promoting ringtones?

Profile picture of the author cheyingtan by cheyingtan Posted: 12/09/2008

Recently i am promoting ringtones offer from CPA networks, and google
disapproved all my ads and it said something like this:

Mobile Content
Mobile Content: In order to ensure a positive user experience, we require sites promoting mobile content, including but not limited to ringtones and text message services, to do the following:

1. Prominently display the price and billing interval on the first page where users enter personal information (such as a name or phone number)

2. For services requiring a subscription, provide a checkbox or other opt-in mechanism on the first page where users enter personal information. Users must opt-in to the subscription service and price before being able to proceed on your site


Anybody experience that?How to get pass on this restriction? I am using ppc direct linking to merchant page and i did iframe the page.

I did go to search in the google, i saw a lot of others ringtones ads, when i click on them, their page also almost same with the page that i am promoting (also didn't fulfill the requirement above), but then why google approve their ads?? Confuse...

Anybody can help?

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  • Profile picture of the author cheyingtan
    "Google hasn't allowed ringtones" ???

    Cannot be what? When i do a search in google using some
    keywords like: ringtones, verizon ringtones...tons of adwords
    ads coming out???

    Some more i advertised it in google content network, not the google

    Or you are saying iframing/direct linking doesn't work with ringtone
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    I have the same problem.

    Big player like ringerman(.)com, they always have new ads.

    They don't have check box on their page where users fill in their phone number, why Google approve their ads?

    I guess because they are big players... or 'creative'?

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