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Hi everyone,

I got an offer from someone promoting a website called Zipnadazilch[dot]com I haven't got enough posts to use the url (what's up with that!) It's a site where you sign-up for free trials. Anyway you can get others to sign-up for those same free trials and get paid pretty good money through Paypal.

I've looked around quite a bit and found few complaints (I would imagine most businesses get a few)...the website has been doing business since 2007.

Mostly positive stuff though...and, mostly from those promoting it

Anyway I was wanting your feedback...sound legit?

I searched the forum and found very little about it.

Thanks for any and all replies.
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    Yup. Zipnadazilch is legit. I actually made my first dollar online completing offers on sites like zipnadazilch (i dont remember if i ever specifically used them though since there are so many of these sites around and I've used dozens). Its a good thing to do temporarily. But can be pretty frustrating since problems such as not being credited for completed offers occur often. Give it a shot for some quick cash then move on to bigger and better things.
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    ZNZ is based on Incentive Advertising. There are not that many networks out there anymore like there used to be, and frankly of all of the networks there are, I would not recommend them. There are far superior sites to theirs. For example, take an offer on their $60 sites, valued at 1/4 credit. You need one full credit to meet your offer requirements first, before you are able to then get referrals to "cashout" on their site. Other networks out there, for instance, Innovus Net, Prize Fast and Referral Riot require less offers for the payout. On one of Innovus Net's sites, you would be paid $75 for that same offer valued at ZNZ for 1/4 could easily be 1/3 offer weight, so you end up doing less offers for more money.

    I also began trading in the industry on A4F and I began my own forum for many reasons. The place got crazy with traders offering 100% payouts squeezing out new member's ability to make any money when they too finishing meeting offer requirements and wanted to pay for referrals. I remember even seeing 140% and that was enough for me. I started my own forum where people now are evenly competing and the new members are not being ripped of by new networks that popup one day and disappear after a month with the members money. ZNZ is definitely not a fly by night organization, but they are also not first choice in which I would trade on a forum either. There are far better networks out there. And naturally, I think my forum is better than A4F. I am considered one of, if not the highest ranked trader in the industry; or more aptly the most successful. My 7th month I grossed over $13k, and I have yet to hear of anyone else doing this. It is a great deal of work to do that kind of volume though.

    Again, there are far better choices. ZNZ is not my #1 choice and while at one time I may have recommended them, that's certainly not the case anymore.

    There are actually some programs that have tried to automate the process and they chose ZNZ to do so. But ever program I have looked, promotes fraud. Or they promote it as a job instead of a part-time/hobby or full time work at home opportunity in trading. It's not even trading. It's people telling you which offers to do, which is a huge "no no!"

    I'd say pass and if you do find you are interested, use a network with higher offer weights, as you'll be far more successful. While ZNZ is still very popular and very legit, I just think you'd better with others. I am not saying don't use ZNZ, just shop around. Their sister network AFW seems to have better offer weights last I checked than znz did.
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    ZNZ has been really good to me as it brings me about $800-$1000 a week which is very good beginning of the funnel money, I have created a few training's on how I make my money with ZNZ if interested let me know.
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    ZNZ has been good to me as well but not as good as Marketforus... I have not made that much money. The program is for real and legit... If you work at it, you can earn money from ZNZ....
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    I am happy now,too much happy at last i did it.
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    Im using a system that allowed me to build an Army of people promoting my ZNZ links for me. If you wanna know more about what I am using visit my profile, and look under the contact tab to find the link. This is my first post so Im not allowed to put a link. Once you get going with it and get your team built you can take long breaks from promoting ZNZ, and still have leads, and signups coming in. You also have 2 completely cost free income streams integrated into the system. You get paid even if they don't complete any offers!
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    I second you guys completely. I did not know anything about zipnadazilch until my sniper sites crashed in April 2012. My main income were from those sites and they dropped for the first time after Penguin badly. While trying to get them back to 1st page of google, I started looking for something else, when I stumbled across ZNZ.
    It's been really good to me and I just started.
    Go for it!!
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    I would have to agree with the group. I never made much money doing CPA marketing through CPA networks. When I switched over to doing CPA marketing with companies like Zip Nada Zilch (2010) is when I began seeing 4 and 5 figure incomes. There are a ton of marketing systems out here for this. You simply have to find a supportive team.
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    I like the idea of using ZNZ as a tool to entice people with. I made money doing the offers, and getting referrals, but now I can't qualify for too many more offers unless I want to use the higher costing ones. So what I've done is things like creating an ebook on how to make 60 dollars by the end of the day and selling it as a gig on fiverr.

    Another idea that I've done is to create a product that I sell for $47 where I show the person how to use ZNZ to get cash coming in up front, then show them how to build a website with no cost, and use other programs to invest the ZNZ money into for greater returns.
    Then I'm also getting people contacting me from my Facebook fan page, and seo placement with questions about ZNZ, so I give them my ebook, and get them to do some of my sites and pay them for doing the offers. So I would give ZNZ thumbs up for a good way to get started, and a way to keep it going by just being a little bit creative.
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    Salrod, I would love to hear about and see your trainings for ZNZ. I have spent so much time answering phone calls and emails about the program that I grew frustrated at how much time I was having to spend on it to get some action.
    please contact me at:
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    I know the owner of the site. Great site and he literally works around the clock
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    I'm doing everything I know with ZNZ and have only had one person sign up in a month. What am I doing wrong?
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    I have had decent success with zipnadazilch not that much but it didnt convert for me.
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