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I'v never advertised on facebook before...

I want to start sending facebook ads to CPA offers..
I read in their guidelines that simple email and zip submit are a no no...

but then pages that restrict IPs are also not allowed which pretty much shuts down any chance of running these ads as almost all cpa offers restrict IPs.

they're also against exit pops.. can some one please explain how to get around these using redirects or installing an scripts?

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    You won't be able to advertise most CPA offers using PPC or CPM through facebook, just the way it is. If you try to circumvent the system, you could lose your account...

    There are still a lot of affiliate offerings you can run through FB - try CJ stuff, I also read about someone promoting CB products through facebook ads...
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    Run an offer but use a landing page, this should resolve most of your issues listed
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    Run an ad directing to a niche optin page. Then capture the emails and send them offers in that niche your conversion rate will be huge.
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    CB products through FB ads is not very wise since people go to Facebook for interacting with others and for sheer entertainment and not to buy stuff. You could try out stuff linked with fb like farmville and cityville zip submits. I tried that a while ago and got good conversions but getting my ads approved was like hitting my head against the wall!!
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    Create a landing page and go from there. Try to get those approved. Make sure the landing pages are very conservative as Facebook is extremely strict on what urls they approve.
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    Facebook works on CPC and CPM but as we know it backs out to CPA. They are very tricky with their offers but if you need help then message me for some tricks and secrets. I don't share my successes with everyone.
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    Dating offers work well on Facebook and with the targeting capabilities you can really hone in on niche traffic. FindMeLove is a real popular offer that's being accepted right now. Hit up your AM and ask- if they don't know, you're working with the wrong network!
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    Have you ever buy advertising space on Facebook? Any good advice? Thanks.
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    Got it.

    Finally, after much persistence (and what countless others have said about getting ads accepted at FB and it's actually normal to resubmit the same or different ad), my ad to my squeeze page (same one in my sig link) was accepted.

    Here's what I learned.

    I noticed that no other normal IM ad could work here.

    They even rejected my day 1 and day 60 (transformation body picture) picture, saying I'm promoting some weight loss pills. lol.

    What got the ad to be approved

    Finally, I posted a pic of myself working out and simply mentioned I will give them a bodybuilding video if they would enter their email. Lol. Literally.

    Btw, I'm not promoting a CPA offer. I'm capturing leads from FB into my bodybuilding sales funnel.

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    I find FB very erratic in their approval process. 1 ad gets rejected and another approved even though the only difference is the target country, a like or an age group. I have had some success in the dating niche with dating FB apps but again if I edit an approved ad it comes back rejected 80% of the time (with just a minor change, whatever it is) so I try and make sure of what/who I want to target in the 1st place. All in all, very frustrating.

    Update - nothing much has changed over the past year as far as this problem goes

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