Media Traffic, Trafficvance and other PPV Companies - An Effective Traffic Source?

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Hi Guys...

I'm venturing into paid traffic sources and was wondering if anyone had any feedback regarding Media Traffic, TrafficVance or any other PPV companies.

Is this a worthwhile traffic source for cpa offers? And if so, what types of cpa offers work best?

Thanks in advance...
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    the same always holds true. You get what you pay for and if it sounds too good to be true...

    I don't have any experience with those 2 particular companies but in my experience that sort of traffic usually sucks if its inexpensive and not worth the investment.

    Also i have heard that cpa traffic works well for some stuff but other stuff it never converts well.

    Maybe you should find some people who have experience with whatever you are trying to sell and ask them what cpa offers they have had luck with.

    Either way, the best traffic is always the traffic you generate yourself if you learn how to drive targeted traffic.
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    I do not have any experince with these companies .

    But , there is a truth you should know very well.

    If they offer targeting options and not have any big problems of fraud , just test it .

    I hope it helps .

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    PPV traffic is cheap.

    The key is being able to target to specific part of a website to promote your offer.

    I have been doing some tests daily and sometimes getting 3000% return on my advertising.

    Reason being:

    1. Cheap traffic
    2. Highly targeted sites (long tailed keywords) etc.

    I recommend PPV.
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    I tested AdonNetwork (PPV) using an free auto insurance quote offer. Over 3000 impressions but zero signup. Apparently, it depends on the kind of offer. It is true that some kinds of offers work better in certain advertising networks. Anyway, I will be trying "ringtone" type of offers with AdonNetwork. We shall see how well it converts.
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    I just cannot see how ppv can be effective apart from the big niches like weight loss, gambling, making money. The reason? You have absolutely no demographic/interest information on the punters running the software. I spoke with media traffic yesterday and wanted to know out of the 15 million users that had downloaded the software how many were UK based, the answer I got is UK is #2, what does that tell me? Not a great deal!

    If I then want to look at specific keywords/urls there is no way on earth they can tell me what those users interests or hobbies are as ppv is just about blindly rotating ads hoping something will stick. A particular niche I looked at has no competition on MT for the main players URL even though this is a worldwide company employing 1000s turning over >£100million.

    With PPC I *can* do research which tells me how big the pool is, the geographics, the trends, the estimated cost, all of that *before* I commit to a single penny.

    If I go to MT and say I want UK small and medium sized business owners looking at Sage accounting software what are they going to tell me? Nothing.....because they do not have stats!
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    I have found that many CPA networks do not permit this kind of traffic
    source. So to begin with, you are restricted as to which offers can be

    So far, I have had zero results using these traffic sources. I have tried
    4 different offers, and had 4000+ views and clickthroughs but not one
    conversion. Yes, I checked the figures with the CPA networks. And tracked
    the clicks.

    Now, that's not to say this isn't a valuable traffic source - but it does take
    some testing and it is certainly true to say that some offers will work and
    others will not.
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    ppv can work really well - however it takes lots of test, lots and lots of testing to find winners. But once you find them they rock!
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    What kind of offers are working best for you guys on PPV?
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    Hey Clinch, if you don't mind, what are your costs to get that extra? I'm just starting out with PPV, so all info is welcome. I can also recommend Stephon "Phon" Rudd as he's a master at this type of traffic with CPA
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    I'm doing ok with the email submits but struggling with the higher payout offers. Care to share any tips on those?
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    Wow. Thanks for all the advice. I already use Prosper202, which has a URL rotator and some type of cloaking built in. I downloaded the URL scraper and am checking it out. My experience has been the more URLs I try and target the worse my ROI is. I originally started out with thousands, then hundreds and now down to just a few and my ROI has improved dramatically. although obviously the volume is way down. I'll play around with the URL scraper though and do some more testing. Thanks!
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    webatomic, no problem. What you describe is the reality with both PPV and PPC placement campaigns. You start off with several thousand URLs and through tracking you will see which ones convert and which don't. Those that do not convert you take out... There will always be an adding and taking out of URLs.

    Prosper's cloaking method will show the tracking url as the ref. - at least most of the times. (Some Browsers leak) If you need ref. cloaking to be cloaked or blanked 100% then you need to get another tool. Also, I found it an disadvantage Prosper's build in rotation does not allow to specify different CPA networks and Payouts.
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    I'm just going to come right out and say that I don't believe in Adware networks in the slightest. Traffic Vance, Media Traffic and Clicksor are all the same; unreliable sources of - aside from traffic exchanges - the most untargeted traffic you could probably ever find!

    I joined a program in the start of January (not naming names) that was all about email marketing. The marketer in question offered to provide ongoing training (i.e. a video a month) for the next 12 months...

    I gave it a try and cut a long story short one of the recent videos was all about these networks. To be honest, I've never seen such B.S in my life!

    Do forgive me if I sound a little naive here, this stuff isn't really my "thing". But I have to say that I think anyone claiming that these PPV companies are a reliable source of traffic is probably trying to sell you something.

    Because of the way in which your ads are displayed (and even though they are relevant and in-context) I think they'll just p*ss a load of people off. The chances are there are a few people here and there who REALLY know what they're doing making money with this stuff. I mean, surely it has to work in some niches...
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    It's best to make your own landing page at the specific size of pop-up they allowed like 750 x 500. Otherwise if you are just sending the user to the direct landing page, they will have to scroll through the window.
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    LeivaMatias, can you please let me know how and where you got that 3000% RoI?
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    The problem with media traffic is that you cant really target large URLs because you can't go over 40 characters. This sucks because there are so many targeted pages out there that would be great to target. Unfortunately, Media Traffic fails.

    Oh and 5staraffiliate: Welcome to the world of marketing. Sales will get stolen. It's part of the game. You can cry about it as much as you want but it's not going to change. People WILL steal your sales with PPV. Complaining won't solve anything. We are all in this to make money. If that means stealing other peoples sales, then so be it. And yes, I do target affiliates websites with PPV along with every other PPVer out there.
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    TrafficVance is by far the best PPV network for many reasons (too many to list in a reply actually).

    The best way to make money from PPV is to scrape a few thousand keywords, set up tracking and run it for a few days. After these few days, remove all the targets that are not making money and push the high converting ones. Within a few weeks you should have a very profitable campaign.

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