How to setup tracking with direct linking on 7search

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--Update 11 March--
Thanks for the help everyone. Im getting there slowly but surely. I now am able to track subids from my peerfly account using #keyword# #rid# and #affid# however on my peerfly account im not able to see the actual site the clicks are coming from, only there affiliate ids. Can anyone help me with this one. I realized i dont need prosper just yet so im only using the sub id parameters from within peerfly

Can anyone please help me out here.

I have seen people talking about using prosper202 but im not understanding how to turn on conversion tracking if we are using peerflys landing pages. I saw someone said something about contacting your affiliate manager to have him place the code somewhere but can somehow help me out?

I will greatly appreciate it. Thanks
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    With Peerfly you can place it yourself. Go to the offer page in Peerfly and click on Tools. Then click on Place Tracking Pixel. You can then put in the code 7search gives you. There are a few offers that don't have this option but the vast majority do.
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    Check out this video by KJ
    This could help you

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    I see you updated your original post. In order to see referrer domains, you will need to use a 3rd party tracking program - not just the peerfly tracking or 7search reports. I use CPVLab, which shows the domains, but that is a paid tracking program so you would likely want to start off with Prosper if you are just beginning since it is free. Your original question was about conversion tracking, which is what you need the 7search pixel for, but to tie keyword and subID with referrer domain tracking, you will need a separate tracking program.
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    Really, you don't need to see the actual pages your traffic is coming from because the affid/rid are the same thing, but without the URL. If you want to see the actual referrer though you will need to use a 3rd party tracker like Prosper (as was mentioned).
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    the affid/rid are the only thing you can use to block affiliates on 7search so if that is what you wanted, you do not need to know the referring url/domain.
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    If your interested, we are now accepting beta testers for the New Bevo Media tracker and it should be much easier to setup than you are use to. Ill be here personally to make sure you get whatever you need tracked. Hit me up if your interested!

    This goes for everyone else as well. We want a few good testers before we launch to public!
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    The horrible part about 7search's conversion pixel is they refuse to register anything before either several weeks pass or 5 conversions actually go through. I can't get an answer as to why the delay but I'm sure there is some internal reason.

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    Hi 7SearchBrad,

    I just started promoting CPA at 7search recently, as told by many people I also set up propser202 at my own domain, let's say Right now I am really confused about how to make it work.

    For my first campaign I didn't create landing page instead I use direct link from 7search to the affiliate offer page, say it is I also use this link as destination URL at 7search. This is where I am stuck, I don't know how to pass keywords, affiliate ID and RID to prosper202 in order to track them. Should I create a page at my domain like then use it as the destination URL at 7search? When someone click the link it will go to along with keywords, AFFID and RID, then redirect the user to I don't know, I think I'm totally wrong about this.

    Anyway, could you please tell me what I should do to set up the whole thing? Or at least how to set it up right at 7search side. I will really appreciate it if you can help me out here. Thanks in advance!

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