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So I had a text add running on Adhitz for the last 3 days, and the tracker on the site states that it has been on over 1k sites with over 10k views in the last 3 days, but had ZERO clicks. I switched it up now and used the funds for three other campaigns with images attached this time that are pending (feels like it takes forever for review), but has anyone had any experience with Adhitz? what were your experiences?
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    so far I have run 4 campaigns, had adds shown about 20k times, and received 1 click, 0 conversions. I am using the gif adds that show on the sidebar, and had a text add to start. I havent found any options on the site to alter keywords, just network adds or site specific adds.
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    Adhitz is good. You have an option now to block websites that you don't want. So make sure to only keep the relevant websites and block the rest.
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      I own an advertising site that sells traffic so I can't use adsense on it. I have the adhitz code on my site and can at least make some money from it. I have purchased advertising on it and can tell you that it does work, I have gotten signups using there service. For website owners who can't use Adsense, Adhitz is a viable option.
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    First of all AdHitz is CPC based. And with the statistics provided by you your site`s CTR rate is not good. If you have many clicks daily then Adhitz is the best available option for you.
    But it in your case I will suggest you to join other Ad networks like Adbrite, Adsense, OpenX and infolinks. They provide both CPM and CPC and will surely earn you decent amount of revenue. All these networks are a success for me.
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    Don't expect much traffic from adhitz with network targeted traffic. Has to be site specific buys.
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      I use AdHitz for network advertising and my advice is to use multiple banner ads, in AdHitz banners get more clicks and if you have multiple banner ads running at once you will get much more impressions and clicks.
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    I have sent 40 emails to get my money out and they refuse to make their site work properly on my end and therefore blocked me and kept my money. USER BEWARE! Charles changed the site last year and took profits from people and sent out several emails to try and justify it. They will not talk on the phone and I am now out money because they could not solve my issue with their website. STPayments said that all I should need is my password to get my money but that hasn't worked.
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    If target to right countries can get very good results. USA ads $4-5 a month get 300-400k impressions and 50-75 clicks. This might be my cheapest purchases all month but also best performing ads.
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      I know this thread is old, but anyone who finds it needs to know this. I decided to use my AdHitz account for the first time today.

      Wish I hadn't!!!

      Spent $20 on ads via a specific site "Buxsi" and was told by AdHitz that the owner refused my ad.

      Below is the support ticket I raised and you'll see the history so far (thank god it was only $20.. bloody thieves)!!!

      Created by you
      21 Dec 2015 10:41 am
      Dear support,

      I received this message from you regarding my ad..

      "This is to inform you that your Advert ID# 601783 titled 'ListLegacy' has been rejected by the website's 'Buxsi' owner."

      What I want to know is why it was rejected and where is the $20 I spent on that ad?




      Replied by you
      21 Dec 2015 05:33 pm
      Furthermore, I have just discovered you have suspended my account and Buxsi has kept my $20.

      Should I make this public, or will your resolve the situation satisfactorily - I came here to advertise my online business and am being treated like shit!!


      Replied by you
      21 Dec 2015 05:38 pm
      Here is the reply I have from Buxsi admin - apparently it is you who have stolen my money..

      "From: Buxsi Gpt
      Sent: Monday, December 21, 2015 6:56 PM
      To: k*************1@hotmail.co.uk
      Subject: Support Ticket

      Hello dear, I saw now in adhitz, I did not refuse him, did this alone, I also do not understand what happened, you have to write to support adhitz they are the owners, they have your money."

      I suggest you get to resolving this asap.

      So.. I am now awaiting a response form AdHitz before taking this further!

      Just wanted others to be aware.

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