Whats up with youtube ads

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I notice almost all of the vids I pull up now have 30 sec ads
preceding them

I refuse to watch them and you cant go past the ads

I think this is a prime example of Googles arrogance and stupidity
killed the golden goose

would not be surprised if youtubes traffic plummets
#ad networks (cpm/cpl, display, sem) #ads #youtube
  • Profile picture of the author Samrath Gupta
    Yea man..

    I also noticed these stupid things on youtube Vids!

    well, My ads are just 10-15 secs LOL

    PS: I first readed Golden Goose To Google Goose and Thought WTF! You suggested Google's Algorithm name

  • Profile picture of the author goclad
    I Hate that
    It is really forcing people to watch their ads
    Just like cpalead gateway

    Some will say, but they must make money too

    Yes that is right, But damn, we run from TV To Youtube
  • Profile picture of the author david15923
    At least in my country I can skip the ad once I get to 5 secs of the ad.
  • Profile picture of the author MotiveTeresa
    Yeah, some ads you can skip after a couple of seconds, others you can't.. Youtube is filled with ads now. =/
  • Profile picture of the author outwest
    I want to watch NBC news here in Manila
    every story has a 30 sec ad preceding it

    but the ads lock up
    so it takes 5 minutes for the ad to play sometimes

    so now I go to yahoo news
    it has no ads

    I refuse to surf online and watch 30 sec ads I cant turn off
  • Profile picture of the author SiddFisher
    no.. browser extensions won't work.
    Its something that youtube has introduced to increase revenue and revenue sharing with video uploaders

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