PeerFly Trail Campaign with 7Search

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When I have no idea on how to promote offers on PeerFly, I tried 7search for the first time and my 5 days trial campaign was hit success.

I promote 3 offers and I earned $19 and my traffic worth is $13 so I get $6 in profit for 5 days

The next day (I am happy because I am successful with my first trial), I paused all of my previous campaign on 7search and I have leveled-up my campaign.

So I created my New Campaign, added the "###KEYWORD###" thing in the link that Luke advice (which is very helpful really). Started to promote iPhone 5 test and keep AGAIN, this time, much more keywords (about 19 keywords). That is when I accidentally destroy my trial. I've use the keyword "FREE" to promote (which is wide-range keyword) and got 132 click with no leads.

So in my 2nd Trial campaign, I lost $5 and no lead.

What is the difference in my two campaigns?


Promoted: iPhone 5 Test and Keep
Keywords use: 9 (all keywords have the word iPhone)
Income: $6


Promoted: iPhone 5 Test and Keep
Keywords use: 19 (Some keywords don’t have the word iPhone like “FREE”, "FREE CELLPHONE", "CELLPHONE", etc. )
Income: -$5

So now I learned my lesson, it’s better to promote 2 accurate keywords than 20 wide range keywords.

I need your advice guys on how to get successful
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    HA HA to be honest every noob on 7search will start from apple iphone offers thats why they are very competitive and always un reliable day you may make 100 on other you will spend same amount but gain 0 ...
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    It's Okay, what's important is I am learning from self experience not only from the experience of others
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    This is good thread, i also just want to start on cpa using 7search. There is free coupon from Luke when deposit $50. Yes tracking is absolutely important. I hope i can learn from your journey
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    i have heard both good and bad things from 7 search..not sure how great it is with CPA offers though. I would try some of the other networks as well. When i am doing a PPC campaign i do more the one split test. i test about 10 different creatives 10 different copy and i use more then 10 keywords obviously. you need to find what campaign works quick then ramp it up from there...use creative headlines etc... do more then just PPC. build a bankroll to work with.

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