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Anyone had much experience with LeadImpact?

Good, Bad, Indifferent?

Looking for some testimonials

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    Leadimpact is the largest PPV network and if you want to start with PPV marketing then I would recommend you start there. They have a lot of solid quality traffic and it is very cheap (from $0.015 per view). I've been working with leadimpact for a year and haven't had any problems.
  • Profile picture of the author LukePeerFly
    I'm a big fan of LeadImpact and suggest it to all of my publishers wanting to push PPV traffic. It's much better than DirectCPV and does not have the huge deposit required by Trafficvance. Definitely worth checking out. As was mentioned, you'll probably see the best results with your own landing page optimized for the LeadImpact pop up window.

    I have my complete review here:
    LeadImpact PPV Review

    Good luck!
  • Profile picture of the author MYDCOM
    Trafficvance is #1, Leadimpact is #2.
    Mediatraffic, Adonnetwork, and directCPV are okay.

    That's rating based on my own experience with them.
  • Profile picture of the author Greedy
    LeadImpact, and TrafficVance are my go to PPV networks.

    I wouldn't use anything else.
  • Profile picture of the author Ray Jonnes
    I had experience with LI and all I can say the TrafficVance is MUCH more efficient than LI. Period.
  • Profile picture of the author jaggyjay
    Yes. LI is great. Highly recommend them. HOWEVER... you still have to TEST and TRACK!

    Like with any other venue, you have to know how to market properly. Otherwise, you'll wind up burning cash.

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