Best way to learn about CPA ??

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Hi guys,

I've been involved in affiliate-type marketing forever, but never tried doing CPA.

How or where would I learn about the best way to tackle the CPA market? Again, I'm not a total newbie, just new to CPA.

Any help or assistance (without trying to sell me an info-book ) would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!
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    Join some affiliate networks. NeverBlue, MaxBounty, Conver2Media, ect...

    Just search around the forums till you find a method or traffic source you like.

    Then keep testing it until you have success, and be committed to it.

    Plenty of Fish Ads or "POF" is a great starting traffic source for beginners. It helps you learn a lot of fundamentals.
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    Not sure why people say "CPA" it's all just selling other people's stuff for a commission.

    There's lots of good courses out there though. Check out Kensters stuff or Chad from Traffic black book.
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    You are not a newbie but ,
    new to CPA ,means that you are a newbie for CPA ,am I right?
    Just stay with us ,it will be better if you take training from any expert of your locality .
    But my suggestion WF is the best place so stay and stick with us.
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    1. Join the CPA fix
    2. Follow Kenster's posts

    3. Google a lot about CPA and learn how to sort quality posts from hype and so called "Gurus". You should learn enough about how to sort it, with first two tips, above
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    Good place to learn is right here on the forum. Good folks to learn from are Kenster, Mike Morgan, and several others.

    Several good ebooks in the WSO section too -- but you no wanna any info book

    Now, truthfully, succeeding in cpa marketing isn't rocket science. It's like any other marketing... you have to test and track everything: Offers, Landing Pages, Marketing Venues, Lists, Copy, etc.

    I think the biggest problem for most is getting traffic. Which is why I'd recommend getting started with either CPV or PPC if you can afford to. Results are fast... win or lose
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    The best way to learn about online marketing is to join Warrior forum and start reading the related threads instead of creating new threads of same type
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    Test, test, test.

    Learn CPA by doing CPA.
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    There are many cpa guides around the forum, just read and implement. Best traffic of all YOUTUBE
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    Great blog posts everyone.. i have finally understood it all as well
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    I would suggest you to learn about the PPC and PPV traffic sources, it's not really hard to learn about what is CPA and how to promote it.
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    Sorry for the delay in getting back to this post, I got pulled in another direction.

    I probably should have been more specific -- I certainly know what CPA is, and I've belonged to most CPA networks since many of them started... but I guess I need to learn more about how to properly promote them via PPC. Any thoughts on this?

    Also, what "type" of product or program would you personally say is best to promote via PPC?

    Lastly, for Kenster: You seem be a rock star around here. Kudos to you. Please PM me if you have any personal words of wisdom for an old affiliate guy that needs to re-energize with something new.

    Thanks again!
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    Hi Kenster... what the best way..if I want to use direct linking.. not have to use LP?
    And where the best place to buy traffic for direct linking?

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    CPA is all bout split test, then when you got a winner, you scale it and watch the money $$
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    I'm sure warriorforum is the best for learning CPA.
    You will get good tips about CPA here.

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