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Let's share experience with Forex CPA at SecureInvestment.com

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Let's share experience with Forex CPA at SecureInvestment.com
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I know that a lot of warriors here are involved in promotion of a Forex CPA partnership program with http://secureinvestment.com I have been promoting them for more than two years and getting stable and huge incentives.

Let's share our experience and discuss the best advertising techniques that work the best for that. I'm also here to ask you for some alternative methods of promotion that you use to generate Forex CPA marketing leads.

As for me, I use the following methods to drive traffic to my partnership link to generate CPA leads:
1) social networks by contacting my targeted followers
2) classified ads in CraigList, Backpage, ebay classifieds, kijiji etc.
3) posting of blogs and articles and doing further seo promotion
4) some PPC networks
5) e-mail marketing to targeted opt-in e-mails

I have the best results with social networks marketing from Facebook and Twitter; organic traffic from blogs after some SEO and PPC networks; and targeted e-mail marketing. Classifieds are doing great job too but its getting harder and harder to post bulk ads nowadays

The average signup ratio is 5%. So with 1000 unique visits I have 50 real potential investors, and half of them make investment within 1-30 days. The average amount of investment within my network of referrals is about 10-20k USD, so on the first tier I make 200-400 USD from every active referred client. After some time the referred clients refer their new referrals and that builds my 2-tier in that CPA opportunity. With time that second tier gives much more exposure than the first tier, as SecureInvestment clients start to make good profit there, reinvest, and refer their friends. The great thing is that SecureInvestment pays not only for initial investment, but for all further investments and reinvestments made by referred clients.

Dear warriors, please share some new good working ideas how you generate Forex CPA in that case. I earn a lot, but I wish to maximize my existing earnings with them.
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