Where to get these Biz Opp offers?

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Does anyone know which CPA Networks have the following Biz Opp offers?

Web Profit Authority: webprofitauthority:com/de49

Web Fortune Master: webfortunemaster:com/hik97/

Work At Home Institute: wahinstitute:net/index.php
#ad networks (cpm/cpl, display, sem) #biz #offers #opp
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    Check out www.offervault.com. Probably the best place to go for an up to date source on what networks are running what offers.
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    Thanks, Joe -- I tried offer vault but struck out. I'm hoping somebody recognizes these landing pages and can direct me to the right CPA network.
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    Aside offervault, odigger might help... I don't recognize those offers myself
  • Profile picture of the author bayarea
    thanks, chris -- i appreciate you taking a look. odigger struck out as well. i'm pretty sure between odigger, offervault, affpaying and a few other sites that came up empty on these offers, there's a offer information gap -- maybe there's a business in there

    if anyone knows who sources these offers, i'd be interested in running them (and talking to them). thanks!

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