Teespring campaigns - What's up!?

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How come when i look in teeview i see campaigns that sold(or are selling) over 50-100 shirts, but when i tried the almost exact same design(before they launched it) to the same fans...i sold 0!

Same thing for sports team like the broncos, i wonder why new designs come out and succeed, like it wasn't already saturated for them guys...

Do they have a secret sauce or something most don't? lol
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    How did you advertise? Did you use Facebook?

    People don't just magically end up on your page...
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    all about targeting my friend
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    Never knew about that site and after looking around it's pretty apparent that retarded Seahawks and Broncos fans will buy anything. Retarded sports fans in general, really.

    Someone is banking hard on all of that though.
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    Same situation, I think it is in the targeting.
    We are missing something. Tones of clicks, but no buyers
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    Isn't this spam?
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    Two issues.

    1.) You're copying. That can work but if you're ORIGINAL you do FAR FAR FAR FAR FAR FAR FAR FAR better. I know people are lazy in general and the path of least resistance is always most attactive, (which is why people gobble up "case studies"). But being original and creative ALWAYS works better.

    2.) Your budget is most likely a small fraction of the person who ran that campaigns successfully. If you and I are advertising an identical shirt, everything is identical, but my budget is $1,000 per day versus yours of $5 per day, who do you think is going to do better? Who will Facebook give the traffic to?

    Sure it can be other things like your targeting and ad copy and all that good stuff, but these are the two main reasons.

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    Ditto, spent about $75 earlier this month promoting a Teespring campaign on FB. Had the same design with red border, limited edition and Click to Buy. Had an audience size of approx.300k, and a CTR of almost 4! But no sales.
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    I find when I push a sense of urgency in my ad copy (Newsfeed Ad & on Teespring page) - the sales flow in more regularly. Look at /supersmith and /supersmith1 .. same shirt, same audience but notice the tactics and ad copy are different and the results are likewise, very different.
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    Good info David!

    Again, without knowing much about how they marketed, it's hard to say why they killed it. For example, did they have a big Steelers fan page with 1000s of likes, active fans, etc.? Probably not if they sold 0 the first time. But, it could have been a new design, who knows.

    However, I like the fact they used different scarcity tactics and that certainly emphasizes the importance of ad copy. Just too little info (for me anyway) to really understand what they did.

    I've only just started on FB/teespring and my first (and only) campaign ended in profit but I'm not "killing it"...yet.

    From my observations, there are certain things about campaigns that aren't always revealed and targeting NFL fans, while can be highly lucrative, could also mean successful campaigns were seriously infringing trademarks, etc.

    Again, not enough info to understand why "they killed it" because personally I don't think just ad copy is enough, gotta have a killer design (usually) and the right audience too.

    But still, I appreciate you highlighting how a campaign can do poorly, or so-so, the first time around and be a huge success the second. Definitely good food for thought
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    Timing is everything. These are not set and forget things. YOu have to watch it and see when the best times are too. (As JR proved).

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    I made at least 200 USD profit today with Teespring, key is targeting as much you can !
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    You gotta time these right, especially sports/fan related teespring campaigns.

    I think a lot of the campaigns that end up on the top of teespring.com come from people promoting through massive fanpages & groups. That's sets of the campaign and once it's on teespring, it's basically getting free mass advertising which results in a lot of sales!

    Be original and creative, you might stumble upon something that others haven't

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