How To Make $10k Per Month - Step by Step Guide

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I have noticed that lots of hypes and lies are floating around CPA marketing arena.

As a result lots of marketers, especially Newbies fail into this trap and become victims.

So, I have decided to share the real blue print that gives CPA marketers the right track and direction to CPA marketing success.

The blue print is formatted in a step by step guide and is very compact and comfortable for a fast and easy read.

Here is the step by step guide,

I wish you happy reading!

Step 1: Use Only The Best CPA Networks – Stay Away From SCAM CPA Networks

In order to successfully promote CPA offers and make money, first you have to join trusted CPA networks which act as mediators between affiliates and merchants.

And, as the number of CPA networks coming everyday are increasing, you have to carefully select the right CPA network.

There are certain issues that you need to be aware, one of them is that as most of CPA networks either lack experience or they are scams, lots of affiliates lose their money, effort and energy promoting offers from scam CPA networks promoting CPA offers from these bad CPA networks .

So, if you want to make money using CPA marketing – you must first join a low risk, reputable and trusted CPA networks.

As there are plenty of CPA networks online, it is always recommended to join affiliate networks with good reputation so that you get paid for your efforts on time.

Step 2: Selection of Profitable CPA Offer is A must and Critical To Your Success

Once you join CPA network, you should be able to select high converting CPA offer that brings maximum result.

In other words…

As proper CPA offers selection is the most critical task in successful CPA marketing, you have to diligently carry out your CPA offer selection tasks as so to find offers that bring the highest success.

… You will succeed in CPA marketing only if you select and promote the right CPA offer in the most profitable niche.

Step 3: Test CPA offer – Always Test to Make Sure That a Particular CPA offer and its Marketing Components Are Right

Once you select CPA offer you should drive traffic to your CPA offer just to test your offer.

Basically, what testing means is that you need to spend little advertisement budget until you verify the profitability of the offer and marketing technique you use.

You just test, track and optimize until you find a winning formula.

And, one of the most effective and fastest ways to test your offers is by using PPC marketing.

So, it is advisable to use PPC marketing using services such as Google Adwords. This will allow you to test your campaign in the fastest time possible so as to make the most from it.

Word of Advice:
Always, before you jump into heavy or mass marketing you have to test, track and optimize to make sure that the offer and all marketing elements are set in the most profitable way.

That is, you have to test every thing until you come up with optimum result – the winning formula.

Step 4: Scale – Expose Your CPA Offer to Massive Traffic Sources to Exploit the Hidden Profits Potential

After you test your campaign using fast traffic generation source like PPC marketing, you need to find other traffic sources.

As traffic generation is one of the most vital ingredients of any successful web business, it is also crucial to your CPA business.

It is a must have component.

That is …

In order to create highly profitable CPA campaign that brings in cash day and night like clock work, it is mandatory that you have consistent traffic from a diverse set of traffic sources. If you generate enough traffic to your CPA offer, you will have more visitors and more visitors will bring more profit.

With out traffic, even with the highest converting CPA offer, everything else is just a waste of time and money.
It's the traffic that matters at all.

There are several ways to promote your CPA offers on the Internet.

And, as the result for each traffic source varies from one source to the other, it is important to focus on a traffic source which could help you get visitors which are exactly looking for your product.

MORE Targeted Visitors Brings MORE Cash

On the basis of the above important points, you will have two options to drive targeted traffic to your CPA offers:
Let’s start with the paid option.

As it has been noted earlier targeted traffic is the life blood idea of any successful CPA marketing.

If you do not have traffic, even with the most profitable offer selection, it is meaning less.

There fore, you have to go where massive targeted traffic exists and capture it.

This is key to $10k a month
- if you want to get huge amount of commission from CPA marketing, do not afraid to go the paid option in a diverse set of ways.

The most important thing that you need to be aware with paid option is not how much you paid for promotion. It is your ROI that matters at all, not your spending.

There are lots of paid ways that can get you traffic.

Some of them are:

1.PPC Search Engines – Targeted Traffic Source

2.PPV networks - Targeted Traffic Source

So, let’s see the paid options one by one.

1. Paid Traffic Source #1: PPC Search Engines

As far as targeted traffic is concerned PPC marketing comes first.

So, I recommend you to use popular PPC search engines to promote your CPA offers effectively.

The most reliable once are:

1. Google Adwords:

2. Yahoo Search Marketing: Advertising Your Business with Yahoo! Search Marketing

3. MSN ad center:

But, you need to be aware that, you will exploit PPC marketing only if you do them the right way.

2. Paid Traffic Source #2:PPV Networks

The other powerful way to drive a highly targeted traffic is PPV Networks

If you are new to PPV networks, here is a brief note about PPV networks or CPV advertisement programs.

CPV (Cost per View) advertisement is a form of advertising that incorporates the concept of keyword or URL targeting with the low cost per view model.

The CPV technology matches your selected keywords or URL’s with the information the visitor is searching for or viewing, then instantly delivers the user to your website ( CPA offer ) .

This type of advertisement system is based on PPV (pay per view) model, that is, you only pay when a visitors views your CPA offer page.

The greatest advantage of CPV advertisement model at the moment is that bidding starts as low as 0.015 per view. This allows you to get visitors for a very low cost.

CPV advertisement model works based on software application which is installed on visitors’ computer. And, this program allows your visitors to see your ads based on your preferences.

In other words, through the software installed on the users computer, you will be able to control your audiences based on what they search or what website they surf.

This traffic source selection functionality lets you select only the right audiences that produce the highest conversions for your particular campaign. You determine where your ads appear, ensuring maximum effectiveness for your campaigns.

As it has been indicated earlier CPV advertisement which targets based on your preference are very targeted sources of traffic, because you have full control to select the right audience for your website.

And, the best thing about this type of advertising is that, it is un-exploited area with high rate of profitability.

Here are two of the best networks:


CPV advertisement program are very effective, but you need to set and optimize them properly in order to exploit them.

3. Paid Traffic Source #3: Other Paid Traffic Sources

There are lots of sites where you can get either in the form of banner advertisement or text ads.

Some of the sites that get huge number of visitors are:
·Face Book: Advertising | Facebook
·Youtube Ads:
·Buying ad space from related Forums.
Using the above paid traffic generation sources you can get a huge number of visitors to your CPA offers.

But, there are important points that you need to be aware of when using PAID advertisement option.

That is …

Every time you use any paid advertisement option, start with a small budget – test, track and optimize until you come up with a wining formula. Then after, you massively scale it based on your wining formula.

Ok, now let’s see the free options.

There are lots of free ways you can make money using CPA offers.

Some of them are

·Articles Marketing;

·Yahoo Answers;

·Classified Ads, etc.
Let’s see the free methods one by one:

Free Traffic Source #1: Videos
Free Traffic Source #2:Article Marketing
Search Warp
Article City ||
Free Traffic Source #3: Yahoo answers
Yahoo! Answers - Home
Free Traffic Source #4:Forum Marketing:

Free Traffic Source #5:Classified Ads
Note:As free traffic generation requires a large amount of time, I strongly recommend you to outsource your activities so as to focus on other money making ways and make your time .

But, the point that you need to be aware here is that first you test every traffic generation system and make sure that it works for you.

Then, you hire some one and train him the whole system.

Note here that if you want to make big money this is key – you have to outsource.

Step 5: Rinse and Repeat – Do the Above Process A thousand Times

Once you create a successful CPA marketing campaign, move to another offer and repeat the process again and again.

I hope you are in a position to implement the method.

To make money as fast as profitability as possible, you have to take action as fast as possible.

Hope it helps .

Do not hesitate to add your mint .

By the way if you want the PDf version of this post click here.


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  • Profile picture of the author helptobiz
    Excellent post Mike. In your opinion does sites like adengage and etology fall under PPV? Also have you had any experience with these sites? They are a little more affordable option than PPV sites like Trafficvance and was going to test them soon. Thanks.
  • Profile picture of the author syncjam
    Thanks Mike!

    It's nice to have warriors like yourself giving all this great advice!!
  • Profile picture of the author ManAbout
    Step 2: Selection of Profitable CPA Offer is A must and Critical To Your Success

    Mike can you elaborate on this one a bit more? How does one go about selecting a profitable cpa offer. What criteria must one use? etc.. thanks
  • Profile picture of the author valtex
    thanks a lot Mike you really help me, I did not know that some CPA networks are scams. I was planning to sign up on all CPA network <rookie move> I guess I really need to do some more readings
  • Profile picture of the author Private
    Hi Mike,

    Great advice! Have you tried guaranteed sign ups for CPA's?

  • Profile picture of the author TE2
    Originally Posted by Private View Post

    Hi Mike,

    Great advice! Have you tried guaranteed sign ups for CPA's?

    Don't waste your money... Nuff said!
  • Profile picture of the author TE2
    Hey Mike,

    Great post.

    I'm pretty well versed in what you provided but went ahead and hit the "Thank You" button.

    I did that so you are recognized for your contribution AND so others might take the hint and hit the "Thank You" button. Hint, hint...



    ps - Is there an ebook or coaching in your future?
  • Profile picture of the author aball6412
    Hey Mike,

    Thanks for the post.

    I have a question regarding testing. How do you test different traffic sources? For example, lets say I drive traffic through several differnt PPC networks. Would it be possible for me to test to see which sources are converting and which ones aren't? Or would I have to just test each one of them individually?

    I feel that when you scale a campaign that it is inevitable that some traffic sources will be profitable while others will not despite the results of your initial test.

    Thanks a lot for your help.
  • Profile picture of the author lalfan03
    Thanks for the great info Mike.
  • Profile picture of the author monitorit
    what about networks. I have been looking through offer vault.
  • Profile picture of the author dsal2001
    Thanks Mike, great information. I am new and have been doing some research onCPA's
  • Profile picture of the author youngsuperaffiliate
    Thanks for the post Mike. I've read similar post before but yours convinced me that this system works, all I have to do is follow them and repeat.

    Thanks for the post.
  • Profile picture of the author MikeMorgan
    Originally Posted by monitorit View Post

    what about networks. I have been looking through offer vault.
    Hey monitorit ,

    In addition to offer vault , you can use Affspy :: #1 Affiliate Intelligence Tool

    Hope it helps .

  • Profile picture of the author Robin L.
    Mike, As a newbie, I would like to personally thank you for this wonderful post!! I don't know about other new people in IM, as I can only speak for myself, but it is sooo confusing when you start out not to mention an information overload! It is hard to make any kinds of plans, especially a business plan when you are in unfamilar territory. Like a baby, you must first teach it how to crawl before they can walk. And then they need to walk before they can run. As I am learning I see it this way, the potential is umlimited if you are willing to work, and I am now feeling like I have started to crawl. All the very nice people I have had the pleasure to meet on this forum, I do believe that as time passes, I will RUNNING in no time soon! THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH FOR A VERY INFORMATIVE POST!
  • Profile picture of the author NixTheNews
    Thank you Mike. As a newer Internet marketer, I found your information very good. I just launched an "audio" product on Clickbank and any help marketign is great.
  • Profile picture of the author digabot
    Could you possibly be more general without giving any actionable information?
  • Profile picture of the author MicahF7
    Hey Mike!

    What a great quality post... Great job man!

    I wish this forum had more posts like this.

    Very nice!


    Micah Rush
  • Profile picture of the author MikeMorgan
    Originally Posted by MicahF7 View Post

    Hey Mike!

    What a great quality post... Great job man!

    I wish this forum had more posts like this.

    Very nice!


    Micah Rush
    Hey Mikah ,

    Warrior forum is all about exchanging ideas and helping each other .

  • Profile picture of the author promo_guy
    Don't mean to rain on the parade but this set of bullet points does NOT point to making $10k/month! It should be rewritten as "Ways to earn money online" not "...making $10k/month". That's the reality folks.

    You could follow these "basic" steps and make $100/month, or $100,000/month, or lose money! It depends on a lot MANY factors than what's posted. It's like saying "to make $1Billion+ per year read Richard Branson's book and do what he did." or Bill Gates for that matter.

    The point is folks, there are many, MANY steps involved! Think about it, if the average affiliate making $10,000/month and gets 100% ROI then that means you gotta spend $10,000/month to make $20,000 ie 100% ROI or $10,000/month

    See how all of a sudden the scenario of this thread changes? AND, that's ONLY IF you succeed in being versed enough in IM and PPC or whatever method(s) to make that kind of money? There are many trials ahead of you to get to this point otherwise everyone could easily make $10k and they can't.

    So, who here has $120,000/year to spend?

    I've made as much as $180,000/year+ in PURE PROFIT and that was with only about 1 hours work per day. BUT, that method doesn't work anymore AND I used to spend $25,000/month in paid traffic. Should I create a thread saying "Method to make $15,000 month?...."?

    Sorry folks, and Mike, you should know there are many pieces to the puzzle missing here mate.

    Either way, I suggest you all do your research because all of your questions can only be answered by doing a lot more research, testing (which costs time and money) and having a big budget if you're going for 5-figure net profits.

    Look, I've met some absolutely great people here on WF and I'm a relative newbie (despite my previous earnings) but I'm getting tired of the same old **** being reproduced with so little actual solid guidance or info.

    Study folks, be realistic, be prepared to spend LOADS if you want to make big money...and that's in both time and money.

    At the end of the day, there are people making $10k/day, let alone a month, but they have a very thorough understanding of much more than a few points mentioned here.

    Hope that helps some people realize the work and money involved.
  • Profile picture of the author phanio
    Great info - thanks. You stated:

    Originally Posted by Mike Morgan. View Post

    In order to successfully promote CPA offers and make money, first you have to join trusted CPA networks which act as mediators between affiliates and merchants.
    Who do you consider "trusted"?

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