How do I increase revenue from online news site

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I have a local site that attracts around 12 million page views per month however, my Adsense earning is very low. We get around 10K ad clicks but due to very low page RPM ( $0.13 ), earning is less. I know we can do much better revenue if Adsense pay goes up. Therefore, I need optimization tips to increase my adsense revenue and also if any other alternative network works well for us

Please suggest
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    Depended on Viewers location try to get traffics from USA/UK/Aus peoples
    no Chinese plus bots etc
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    I can't work with Adsense so I can't give optimization tips but I suggest to add a couple of alternatives to your site. First, put some native ads from Taboola, they give great payouts and in news sites in particular you can see good results. Second, use popunder ads from AdMaven, they give very very high rates and if you use popunder instead of popup they don't bother the users.
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    I manage a site with the same level of traffic. But my cpms are much higher.

    It depends on a few things. First, is the bulk of your traffic coming from the US? Second, is your site set up for quick scanning or content consumption? If it is set up for scanning of content, then your viewability score may be low, hence the lower cpm rate. Third, with that type of volume, I would think that you have an upgrade AdSense account. If you do, then go into AdSense and set up custom channels for each placement. This will give you the ability to "Show this custom channel to advertisers as a targetable placement." This will help raise your rates, as buyers can then target specific placements on your site and thereby elevate your rates.

    But the last, and most important tip, make sure that the quality of your content is of the highest grade possible.

    I hope this helps.
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    Beside Adsense you can also opt for native ad networks like Taboola, outbrain, Revcontent etc.
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    First get some organic traffics.
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