google Adsense adv has not appear yet

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Google Adsense adv has not appear yet. I believe that because of my new website don't have enough traffic yet. So the adv doesnt show up. May I know how many view / traffic should i get to lead the adv appear??
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    Google adsense adv has not appear yet due to some common reasons

    1. Your account not approved at all.
    2. Entered wrong pin.
    3. Adsense code not implemented well.
    4. The site you used in your ad may be disabled.
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      Thank you.

      That means nothing about traffic, right?
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    If your Adsense account is approved, AdSense will appear on your site, even if you don't have traffic at all

    It take some time in order to appear on site, couple of hours..
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    If google adsense approved your account then there's nothing to be afraid of.Ads should have to be appear.
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