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ok so I have tried this site as a test run to see if the traffic it was sending was legit. i basically sent it on a dry run and checked up on it every day. I paged 45.00 for 500 visitors a day which it was sending visitors.
now with that being said let me explain where I'm at now.
I have a local business owner here in town that is looking to expan future businesses online and he's willing to invest 126.00 dollars for ten thousands visitors a Month or rather 1666 a day and would like to run it for three months and would like to see progress after one in a half months.
now with that being said.
I was explaining cpa marketing to him and he seemed very interested.
my main question is does anyone have any experience with this website converting to any CPA offers at all??
#ad networks (cpm/cpl, display) #growtrafficcom
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