What is the quickest way to make money from CPA?

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Just got approved with a few networks.

I'm new into CPA...would like to get some advice on what is the quickest way to make money and start seeing results promoting CPA..

Can anyone list in order what you would do first to start promoting, whether it'd be PPC, article marketing, media buys, PPV, etc...

And is it best to promote directly or have a landing page?
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    No one can really answer this for you, without knowing what your talents and background are.

    If I tell you PPC is the best way, and you head out into the adwords wars, and lose a thousand dollars you would think my answer was wrong. Someone else with an adwords background would say that makes perfect sense and would start throwing up some campaigns, testing, and tweaking until they started making a profit.

    If I tell you it is article marketing, or YouTube, and you go out and don't do proper research, find good keywords, and create decent content in volume, you won't make money and you will again assume I was wrong. But, if you have a little experience in those areas, you will open up your favorite research tool, start cranking out 10 to 20 articles a day with well researched keywords, throwing up some YouTube videos, and will have success.

    If you are completely new to affiliate marketing, along with CPA, with no experience in PPC, then I'd recommend the following.

    Do a search for Kenster in the WSO section, buy his report and read it carefully. Then start taking massive action in free methods first, starting in this order:

    1. YouTube
    2. Article Marketing - Using EzineArticles, Buzzle, GoArticles, and Articlesbase. (You can add more if you wish.)
    3. Start creating a big Twitter Following in whatever niches you are going to promote.
    4. Create a blog and start posting content using the phrases you know can grab rankings. (Low competition phrases.)
    5. Social bookmark all of your content, tweet about all of your content.
    6. Create Squidoo, Weebly, HubPages, Facebook Fan Page, and other Web 2.0 sites and point them to a money making page on your blog, one with the offers being listed.
    7. Bookmark those Web 2.0 Sites.
    8. Focus on one niche, or grouping of offers to start with, and build up your traffic numbers for it. Take all of those components above, and make sure they all funnel traffic towards the moneymaking pages of your blog, or directly to the offer. (Preferably via a redirect from your domain.)
    9. When you start earning a little money, start using it to test PPC campaigns, start small and learn. When you find a profitable campaign, bump up your budget and monitor the results.
    10. Track everything you can. Find out what keywords are generating your traffic, find out what offers convert the easiest with your traffic.
    11. Test everything you can. Make small changes, and then monitor the changes in results, and keep the best, throw away the rest. Then try to beat the best again.
    12. Send Kenster thank you note for his guide.
    13. Login to your bank account and smile.
    14. Take your wife out for supper.
    15. Start working on the building your business bigger.

    Whether it is best to promote directly or go to a landing page comes down to a few simple questions.

    1. Do I want to capture the visitors names into my own email list so I can market to them repeatedly?

    2. Will the offer convert at a higher percentage if I presell through a landing page? (Don't guess, test.)

    3. Does the offer allow me to send people directly, or does it require it to come through my websites? (If not sure, ask your Affiliate Manager)

    One other option, make your landing page a 100% Iframe of the offer. Then it is on your site, kind of. This makes it easier to flip offers when they change. If you send the traffic directly, then you have to go back and change the links in all of your content.

    As with every other poster on the Warrior Forum, take the above with a grain of salt. You need to test everything, and use your own mind to determine what makes sense for you. You will need to decide what your strengths are, and play to those strengths. What will you do on a consistent DAILY basis to generate traffic? How much budget do you have to work with?

    In my case, the budget is very low, so I prefer to create content. (Besides, I enjoy creating content.) As my budget increases, I will start testing with PPC and PPV, but on a limited basis until I have a good understanding.

    As the real gurus around here keep reminding everyone, YOU NEED TO TAKE MASSIVE ACTION REPEATEDLY. I think it goes something like this: Act, Test, Learn, Act, Test, Learn, Act, Test, Learn.....note which one comes first.

    Time for me to shut up....

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      Thanks a lot dragon this the best article for beginners.
      I am also new here and even internet and want to earn money to networks.
      If you have any other article like this please tell us.
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      It all depends on you what you choose. Because every way have a great opportunities to make money. So, read and research for gain knowledge. After satisfied, choose one best from them. it will help you more.
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    It all depends on your background .

    But , if you have experience with PPC marketing , PPC is the fastest way .

    Hope it helps .

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    Does anyone know if bing and MSN advertising approves direct link to the offer site without linking the first to own landing page? with adwords I just had to go through the landing page.

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    it is not easy I think,it need much time and effort
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      The quickest way to not make money from CPA is by trying to make money quick.

      Remember anything worth having is worth waiting for. It takes time, trial, error and money.
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    My advise is to know which is the hottest trend in CPa and enter into that and make soem quick bucks!!

    Thank you.
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    Interesting thread.

    Its interesting because there are ways to make immediate cash from CPA but as noted above, if you are trying to create a successful sustainable business, this shouldnt necessarily be your goal.

    Immediate ways to make money

    1. promote your cpa offer online using flyers - I did this in the beginning and the results would come normally same day or the next day.

    2. i hesitate to say this, but try live traffic to promote - here I mean classifieds, chat rooms, web cam type stuff and convining people to sign up. Of course there is a whitehat way to do this but I was hesitant because there is an equal number of bluefart as well

    Both of the above ideas are immediate and dont require a heck of a lot of CPA knowledge. You will need to know the basics obviosuly but you dont need to know stuff like seo.

    But as noted, the above methods are instant results but its not a sustainable business in itself. If you want to go to chat rooms everyday to promote cpa offers, have fun but its not something I would want to do when creating my business plan.

    Also remember that you get the conversions right away but not the paycheck!

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    Social traffic.
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    Originally Posted by IM WebMedia View Post


    Just got approved with a few networks.

    I'm new into CPA...would like to get some advice on what is the quickest way to make money and start seeing results promoting CPA..

    Can anyone list in order what you would do first to start promoting, whether it'd be PPC, article marketing, media buys, PPV, etc...

    And is it best to promote directly or have a landing page?
    What's your background/experience?
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      Originally Posted by Affiliit View Post

      What's your background/experience?

      Bingo. The best or quickest way to make money is relative to the experiences and soft factors of each individual marketer.
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      Originally Posted by Affiliit View Post

      What's your background/experience?
      I've been in IM for about a year. I understand the basics below.

      3 Key Basics of a website
      Keyword research
      Quality content
      Massive Traffic

      Free Ways to Drive Traffic
      Web 2.0
      Video Marketing
      Article Marketing
      Hub Pages
      So I built niche sites and did article marketing. I'm not fund of writing, although I can outsource which I did for a month and ended up paying 2 VAs and no income from those sites. I think it just takes time to see results for this method but it is good for the long run.

      I've read about CPA before, but never really got into it til about 2 weeks ago. After reading posts in the CPA forum and some WSO, I applied and got approved with a few networks. Except Hydra, they haven't called me yet. I heard you have to be making like 10k to get in, I don't know if that's true or not, but I have a few that I can work with for now, so it's ok.

      So my first experience with CPA, I ran a test campaign with PPC and got 2 sales from 39 clicks and I was pretty happy to see that I got some positive results, better than when I was doing niche sites. And to top it all, I got results the same day, so there you go, I said this is what I want to focus on more.

      2 ways to pay for traffic..Time or Money. I hear people talk about cheap traffic, maybe PPV, but I haven't tried it yet. I think as long as you get positive results, paid traffic is a good way to go.

      But which paid traffic is the best way to go....and what to promote..I'm kinda stuck there..

      How do you guys figure out what to promote?
      Do you just pick anything?
      Do you still do keyword research before launching a campaign?
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    Direct linking, in a word, sucks.

    We have just terrible conversions for direct linking.

    Landing pages are the way to go for 98% of the offers.

    The quickest way to make money is to find out what the demographics are for the top converting offers and hit that target group. Being active is a must.
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    Whatever you do, don't pay Media Traffic (ppv) I don't know what it is about their network, but it doesn't convert worth a flip. Everyone in the ppv playbook forum loves making fun of it. I've had the best luck with ppc. Like you said, see results same day. That had a big impact on my motivation. you really need to know what you're doing though or you'lll lose your ass. Mike Morgan has a nice ppc handbook.
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      Find what is converting really well at your networks. You may want to call your affiliate manage for more of this information.

      Focus of high EPC products and things that solve problems.

      Using any of the methods above will help you to make money. It is best to just pick one or two solid methods and keep at it. Persistence is key.
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    What the best i know is that you do need to find some product which is new, do provides qualit and is really helpful to people round the globe.

    This is what will lead to success.

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