MINDMAP of UNsuccess, Please Help!!!

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Hi! I just compiled a mindmap of my questions about CPA, please help! I'm not complaining, I just include there facts, any help will be greatly appreciated. The main problem I see is how to get traffic and more important - converting traffic:confused:. Below is the link to the mindmap.Thanks!
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    Tony, I think you are chasing the wrong thing. You keep telling us in your mindmap how much you suck at this, and suck at that, but you don't suck at making a mindmap.

    Consider having some fun with YouTube and other video sites. Put together some mindmap videos of classic dating failures, relationship failures, classic guy meets girl failures and then do a voice over with it. It could be hilarious, and have a chance to go viral.

    You can then point your link in the video and in the description to a page on one of your domains with a 100% iframe. Then your landing page doesn't suck, because it is the offer. You could also do a redirect to the offer.

    P.S. Make sure somewhere to switch from the "failure" to even these "idiots" found success by......
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    Thanks for the reply! Very interesting, I'll definitely try that. What about PPC? What would you advise to do there? I know there are a lot of money there. Thanks.
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    PPC is not something I am doing at this point. I am using free strategies to drive traffic, article marketing, video marketing, and other content.

    The person I'd recommend you try to get advice on PPC from is Kenster, or see what he recommends as good training.
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      Thanks for your advice, but I can't contact him directly cause my posts count is under 50. Can you let him know that I'm interested in his recommendation? Thanks a lot.
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    I order to make money with PPC you need to be smart. I have some campaigns running with Google and other platforms that are making serious money promoting CPA offers. So I can guarantee to you that it's 100% possible.

    I think that a good place to get instruction on how to build PPC campaigns properly is PPC-Coach.com. I'm not associated with them, I don't earn commissions and they have never asked me to promote their course. I'm just recommending them because I do believe that they have an excellent course that can really show you how to play the PPC game.

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    Thank you williamrs for the reply! I was there and already know a lot of theory but when it comes down to real things I stuck there. Well, honesty to say the number one problem is actually getting the traffic as I mentioned in the first post, I covered it in my mindmap. I think my problem is keyword research... don't anyone know where to hire someone to do that?

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