how to promote cpa with facebook fan page

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i have heard that facebook fanpages are making people lots of moolah !! lol I was wondering if any warrior can tell me how to promote cpa with fb fanpages
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    I'm a huge fan of Facebook and am starting to see some great results.

    First of all you need to create a profile (if you haven't already). When filling out the information section remember not to give too many details; going on and on will increase the risk of sounding repetitive and boring your potential ‘friends’. Once you are done adding your existing contacts you will move to new people. It is because of those very people that you have to keep a reign on your fingers and not type your whole life in the about me section. Why would a stranger want to know why you decided to have cats instead of dogs? I am not saying you should look plain and talk only about business; in my opinion this is an even bigger put-off factor than showing too much. Be yourself but just put the chances on your side. However don’t worry you will get to satisfy this wish when you become more popular on Facebook and your new friends themselves ask to know more about you. It’s better to wait till you are sure they will be receptive to it.

    Next up, know your limits - this really depends on your approach to work, what you are trying to sell and your image. But the old adage ‘Don’t mix work and fun’ might be true after all. I know experienced marketers who have a sole Facebook profile where they add potential business partners and clients who can see posts about their social games, their insignificant or in the depths of despair status, the latest song’s link and tags of them in photos taken when they were drunk or sleazy. We can all see the fun in those petty things but it is unfortunately often a repellent in business.

    Don’t add "friends" like mad just to increase figures. Think of quality over quantity and add/accept people who are your target market, potential employers, provide services you might need or whom you might want to work with.

    Don’t jump with joy just because you have thousands of friends. Many people accept friend requests without thinking and therefore cannot be counted as quality friends. The only way you can assure yourself of their loyalty is by winning it. I hate it when I login, see I have several messages, get all excited only to see they were sent by the same person who not only is trying to sell me something but can’t even remember he sent me the same message 5 minutes ago! So don’t spam them but post quality content such as blogs and links (post it on your profile instead of sending it as a message so they can see it in their feeds and decide by themselves if they want to read it or not) or simply chatting with them once in a while, wishing them a happy birthday and commenting on some of their posts.

    Once you've set up your profile - you're ready for fans! The number one advantage of a Fanpage is that you can go beyond the 5000 people limit. And since you already have loyal friends they will be most happy to join your Fanpage as well, knowing you are a quality content provider and not one of those airhead spammers. Thanks to the Suggest to Friends option, which is the Facebook equivalent of word of mouth, your friends’ friends will also join and they will pass you to their own friends and so on.

    Let me be clear; it doesn’t take 5 steps and over 5000 friends to make money. If you used your cards well your Facebook presence will have won you bucks already. But when you reach the status of someone with a dynamic Fanpage it gives you extra value and credit; it impresses the client, gives him the impression (rightly I hope!) that you know your field and are on top of things. Keep everything and everyone connected by organizing events, webinars and so on. Send them courteous and light offers, for example:

    ‘Hi there, was wondering if perhaps you would like to have a look at my new ebook. I’d be glad if you could read it and tell me what you think of it. Please let me know if I can return the favour. Thanks’

    Don’t pressure them or send them messages at a high frequency. Keep it concise and friendly. Give them an apercu of what you are offering instead of pushing the whole thing under their nose.

    Best of luck in the Facebook world!

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      Hi i thanks for your great information , i am learning everyday something new here on this forum since i had joined.I am only two day old here.

      For many months i am looking fro someone help me made my fan page on facebook.
      can some please build my fan page .
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    Great post Lilach, some cool information which I think some new Facebook marketers overlook.
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    Oh Nice important tutor to me Lilach, i am one of the fan too but i dont know how well to use it to make profit just seeing this thread.
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    Good to read your post Lilach. I'm a full time FB'er. I think this gonna help me too. Thanks!
    How do I find HOT products, niches & spy on fb ADS for my shopify store? I USE THIS!
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    That is a really helpful post Lilach.

    I would think that a Facebook Fan page is an investment. Kind of like a list, it will let you tap a market over and over again just by having them on your site. And because CPA offers are usually free, they really work wonders on fan pages.
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    Hi Lilach

    Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts about FB. Though I have not joined certainly your guideline would help me.

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    Pleasure guys.

    Please do come and join my Facebook Fan Page, How to do Internet Marketing the Right Way! (link at the bottom of my signature).

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    I think your a bit late to the party, this stuff all took off about 6 months ago and now its all fizziling out as the user base gets annoyed with the constant offers.
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    post your links on the fanpage all and on your status.
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      I have been looking at this for some time, and have noticed some pretty strange scripts that people use for getting sign ups, especially the Dell FREE PC and FREE iPhone offers.... I joined them to see how they worked knowing that they were CPA based.

      My question is this - do you rate this type of script and would it be the way forward to get some CPA offers rolling as a fan page.

      My concern is that I want people to join the fanpage, but only want to give them the url once they have joined.

      Is there a way of postponing content on a fan page until they have joined, or is that the standard par for the course?

      Look forward to your comments, and thanks for the information so far.


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