Looking for suggestions for CPA offers for Nutrition/supplement Websites!

by Natlex 8 replies
Hello, I'm thinking about adding CPA offers on my health websites (mostly foods, vitamins and supplements).

But I really have no idea which network to join. So far I put adsense (which earns me ~$400 per month) and some amazon affiliate links on pages that deal with supplements that can be found online. Many people say CPA offers are much better than adsense to make money so does anyone have any suggestions on a network I could use? Theirs so many networks and it's hard to see what they offer without joining...

I get about ~400-500 unique visitors a day on this website so I think it's big enough to start trying out CPA offers.

I doubt anyone will but if you have a similar website in this niche I would appreciate the name or type of offers that have been converting well for you that I could maybe use as a base to start my CPA testing .

Thanks for any suggestions!
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