Wich ways to make money with LEADBOLT???

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can you create apps on facebook to make money with leadbolt???
I was wondering if you can create fanpages on facebook so you can direct your fans to your content lock blog,website,downlaod,???

are these good ways to make money with leadbolt....
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    Im pretty sure that you can promote leadbolt on facebook
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    Yes you can do that .. Go ahead ..
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    we accept FB
    Faster Approval For Leadbolt Applications
    I created a referral link for top.leadbolt.com to separate forum posters from regular signups. IF you use top. your approval goes directly to my email.
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      Well i've been a member of leadbolt a little over a month and all i earned was just over $3.50 Maybe im not monetizing the right thing...I know lots of people are having great success, as you need $250 accumulated to access the new chat box...

      Some guideness?
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    Originally Posted by pethanks View Post

    Well, maybe. If know how to do it then just try. I've tried LeadBolt before but I am not successful.
    Hi pethanks,

    Sorry you're not experiencing the success you want. Maybe we can help out

    Skype/AIM: LeadBoltBrian
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    Sure you can. So long as you are locking good content to a targeted visitor, your campaign will work. If you are buying traffic, then its just a matter of what type of margin you can achieve.

    But make sure you are locking something good...perhaps something viral

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