With CPA offers - Can you advertise locally on outdoor signs?

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Hi guys,

I'm just curious to know if it's OK with CPA Networks that you advertise in your local area (rather than online). For example, flyers, yard sale type signs, signs on your car, etc.?

And does anyone know if this method (or something similar offline) has been tested before? Perhaps in a WSO you could point me to?

Thank you,
Tracy Moore
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    hey tracy ... i dont see why not buy i have heard of ppl making a killing with it .... it untapped just have to find the rite way and the rite offer to match
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    It's ok with most networks, but not all of them. You can make a quick email to your affiliate manager just to make sure. But yeah, a lot of people make good earnings from offline cpa.
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    I would definitely give it a shot, you might be surprised (in a good way). I haven't read any TOS in CPA networks that prohibit this. In fact, some even give you a special bar code for mobile offers that you can print and people scan it with their cellphone right off your flyer.

    God bless :-)
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    Some networks have offers that allow offline traffic, ask your AM to be sure

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