Can POF make money?

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I want to know if people can really make CPA money from POF and How many can people make? $10 per day or $20 per day? Thanks.
I lost $30 in 3 days with POF and make no money at all.
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    Yes, it's defintiely possible and some people are crushing it with POF. If you don't know what to do you can lose your money in no time. Explore this section here. There are many POF-releated threads you can learn from and some "case studies" as well. Good luck!

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    I think it depends on your strategy. You can google Alex Tan. He makes a decent living from it.

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    Can people make over $100 per day?
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      Originally Posted by ra2 View Post

      Can people make over $100 per day?
      $100 a day on POF is not that difficult once you have tested numerous offers and get an understanding of how the system works, I know people doing 4 figures a day on their platform.

      You say you have spent $30 in three days, maybe if you give us your results from those days and what ou have done so far we can help you tailor the campaign to be profitable or point you in the right direction.

      Remember as with any paid traffic source you are generally going to lose money upfront, this initial loss allows you to buy the data you need in order to create a profitable campaign.

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    I've been making money with POF since 6 months.

    Here is how I do it

    1.) Select an offer which converts well (Ask your AM)

    2.) Think of an Angle (Eg. Black Males Date White Females, White Males Date Rich Females, Asian Males Win An Ipad)

    3.) Research Images (I use Affexperts POF Ads Spy Tool For most of my images research, its paid but worth every penny.)

    3.) Login Count <50 - I always use this for better traffic quality.

    4.) Bid Around $0.80 - $0.95 for small ads.

    5.) I use landing pages 90% of the times.

    6.) Once you find a profitable campaign, scale it up using IAB banners and other countries.

    7.) Clickbank offers also work great with POF.

    Hope this helps!
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    What does POF mean?
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    You can make really good money at POF, but you need to spend a fair bit to test everything out first.

    I normally test 5 images and two copy versions at a time and run them for at least 2k impressions, so that 20k impressions in total.

    At this point you can see if you have any winners or not, by getting decent CTR (I aim for 0.2 at least.

    If you are spending about .90c CPM then its going to cost you $18 just for this very small sample......and you may not have any winners so will have to repeat the process.

    If you do ahve a winner or two then you can start to run these and test further images, you need about 10 per campaign to avoid banner blindness, again more testing budget is needed.

    Most people dont do enough testing and put up one or two ads and then complain it doesn't work, when in actual fact they haven't invested enough to find the winners.

    TEST, TEST, TEST is the mantra for POF.

    Good luck
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    I know many friends who are making $100+ per day with POF. Get complete information of people who are interested in your niche and then target them. POF really help you to target exactly for what traffic you are looking for. I know one of my friend William Souza is really good in POF and he is a good coach. You can drop message to him here View Profile: williamrs

    I'll suggest you to get a coach first to save your money in testing without knowledge.

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    Are you kidding? Yes! Lots of people make $xxx/day and few make $x,xxx/day on POF, not including the advertisers.

    $30 over 3 days is really very little. You should have a few thousand dollars to invest before you get into it if you are really serious about making it work.

    All paid traffic requires dedication in time, focus, and capital to make work. And even then, it's competitive and you might not make it. POF is the best place for newcomers to start IMO because they are the most affiliate friendly.

    Let me know if you need more guidance.

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    POF works wonders. It just recently started promoting mobile i think if you tap into that before it becomes saturated

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