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Hey everyone,

I know there are a lot of you guys just starting out with CPA and you probably have no idea where to start or how to make a little money. So I am going to tell you a very simple system that can make you a few hundred dollars per month... This system has maid 100/dollars per day several times, so a few hundred dollars a month should be easy and very doable!

You will be working with youtube.com but you will be doing something a little different then just throwing up random videos on what ever CPA offer you think will convert.

What you will be doing is a little more creative, you will start by finding popular music videos ( the more poplar the better ) and duplicating it.

Download the video, or record it via camtasia or something that will allow you to edit the video. At the end of the video simply have a slide come up and say, download 50 cent ring tones for free go to "yourdomain.com"... Whoevers music video they just finished watching, say download "BANDS NAME DOES HERE" Ring tones for free. Go to - "yourdomain.com". Use a redirect so the domain is relivent to the subject. Then, also put a link in the description that says - Download free "BANDS NAME HERE" ring tones Click Here! You will then forward them to a CPA offer for free ring tones, there are a ton of them and they all pretty much pay between 10 - 15 dollars!

Think about it for a second, if a person watches your music video you know that they like that band or song.... Talk about quality traffic! You know they are going to want FREE ring tones for that cool song they just heard! Just give it to them!

I don't know if you noticed this guys but people do this all the time.... For example, have you seen the charily the unicorn video? ( I hate that video! )... People have duplicated that video several times and they all have a ton of views! There are many other examples as well, the point is, there is no difference between the real video and yours except for at the the very end and a link in the description .

So there you go guys, this is just a simple system that will help anyone who is looking to make a few hundred dollars a month pretty easily. Not tens of housands! But I'm sure it will help! Just make a video and let it make you money!

Thanks a lot,

Micah Rush


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