Whats so hard about CPA?

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Hi all,
I've asked a few questions here, and am continouly puzzled by an oft repeated statement; 'that CPA is a tough business, but if you persevere...etc'

What is it about CPA that makes it tough, please warn us newbys and give us a heads up

thanks Roger

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    What do you think the best networks are to work with?
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    The hardest part seems to be getting accepted by an affiliate
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    Then you have to come up with a marketing strategy and test it to see if it will make money.
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      Getting accepted isn't really difficult as long as you know what to say, how to answer their questions, and have set yourself up to look like the kind of professional they are dying to get into their network. All easily doable.

      To me, the harder part is finding the profitable campaigns. That requires knowledge of how to do market research, keyword research, tracking, effective PPC management (if you use PPC), and a breadth of other issues. Get those things down, and you'll be one of those guys everyone else aspires to be.
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    Well I've been turned down by all so far...might need your report Joshua.
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    Hi Honest Biz Pro

    Thank you for your words of wisdom..and descriptive insite.

    Yes like almost everything in life , everything is relative (Maybe Mr Einsteins theory) and the older one gets the more I understand...

    Life can be very cruel and one questions why some have life easier while others struggle.. and sometimes things can turn around...
    Some are just born with bless.. lucky souls... but maybe they also deserve more if they do things the majority are incapable of and all that ...One questions why !

    I may be wrong , but ...
    I get the impression that for those who do know what they are doing CPA could be a hidden gold mine that maybe many general marketers do not realise its potential.. but it may be a bit more of a learning curve than most expect...
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    Hi Josua,

    Yes, I suspect that if one is good with PPC or some similar methods, they will get fast / good results..which the majority of us all want.. but probably few achieve..

    But for many average persons who think its easy will be put of by the prep work to do it successfully... for many selecting the right Keywords / testing etc (including me) may seem a lot of effort to try and find out what will work and what wont..and probably would put most of it..

    I dont know if it will work the same with free type stategies like articles, blog posts etc which can be very time consuming..

    To me, the harder part is finding the profitable campaigns. That requires knowledge of how to do market research, keyword research, tracking, effective PPC management (if you use PPC), and a breadth of other issues. Get those things down, and you'll be one of those guys everyone else aspires to be.
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    Yes it is mentally very tasking trying to work out what is the best / most rewarding thing /options to do within ones own situation ( abilities and financial...)

    this is driving me almost insane at times after spending time searching through the mine field of information trying to plan which way to go and spend ones efforts and time..

    Its bad enough learning about it, but I suspect trying to plan and implement
    it effectively is even harder...

    It would be good to find a easy stragagy that one could easily follow and was less time consuming..

    Trouble is at the rate I am going I will be getting towards retirement age if I am not careful ...
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    cpa networks are great i put a list of most of them here:
    CPA Network Home - CPA Networks

    is it easy money? NO. but if you know what you are doing you will do just fine.

    As far as getting into the networks, that is easy as well as long as you are legit. As a network i can tell you we get 100's of people a day looking to join but many and i mean a lot of the applicants are complete scam artist who are looking to make a quick buck. If you are one of there - well it will be hard to get approved. In fact. there is so much fraud out there that most networks now have a very strict set of rules to get approved.

    Brendan J. Smith
    Chief Executive Officer / Founder
    Motive Interactive | Motive CPA Network

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    If making money was easy, and building a business easy.. Then everyone would do it.

    There is a very very small percentage of people who will get there.

    Now heres the other question: What is your goal?

    I mean are you trying to building a $1,000,000 CPA business...

    Or are you trying to just pay bills and survive?...

    Those are 2 different mindsets, completely.

    CPA is not easy at all, there is learning, testing, testing ,testing.... O wait did I forget to say testing? ha!

    I am seeing a huge amount of people, that are just coming into the arena to "make money"... Thats what a JOB is for to make money.

    Jim Rohn once said:

    Profits are better than wages... So make sure you are creating profits and building an equitable business for stability and longterm growth.
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