Best way to create CPA landing pages???

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Hello Everyone!

I'm a newbie to CPA. I'm going to be starting with Dating offers/Pof Traffic. I will keep you guys updated with my progress, i'm starting with a $1000 budget.

My biggest questions is....LANDING PAGES???

What's the best way to create landing pages to presell the cpa offers im promoting. I have very little HTML knowledge (I am willing to learn it). The options I've considered are:

  1. Kompozer (still confused on how to do it)
  2. WYSIWYG Web builder: Is it good?
  3. OptimizePress: looks like an awesome tool, but seems like its geared more towards salesletter type squeeze pages, not really the usual landing pages used in the dating niche. (I MAY BE WRONG?)
  4. Dreamweaver with Photoshop: too expensive, but is it worth the investment?
Thanks guys for your help. I would appreciate some insight on this
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    1) find a landing page that is working
    2) learn HTML / PHP and carbon copy it OR hire a freelancer
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    Thanks, I will do that.
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    Everyone has their own methods to making landing pages, just start paying around and see what works for you in term of building them.

    Regarding how to get them converting, I always look at my competition and make a better version or a completely different version.

    But I like to keep in mind what I'm up against.

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