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I have around $65 in my 7search account, with this I plan to test campaigns for the peerfly offer MatchMaker.com (6558).

I'm not too sure how to test campaigns and get them profitable for that dating offer.

This is what I want to do:
Spent 1x the offer payout on each campaign to see if its profitable.
Maybe make a landing page... but I'm not sure how.

My skype is- arranrice
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    I can only help with building landing pages

    HTML/CSS/jQuery/ZURB Foundation/Twitter Bootstrap/Wordpress/Frontend Performance Optimizing
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    Personally I wouldnt use 7S for dating niche.

    The quality of traffic is poor and you have to go through a bit of work to weed out the bad source traffic. I find the best offers for 7S are email submits, something that is easy to complete and less hassle for the visitor.
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    In my opinion 7Search is not so good for Dating Campaigns (at least I've experienced this fact), I'd suggest you to try to run some Email Submit Campaigns with that money.

    However if you stick to Dating, than you need to create a great looking Landing Page. After that, try to aim some Long Tail Keywords and try to optimize them, which one works the best.
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    Hi Arranrice, I've sent you a connection request on Skype. We can go from there.
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      Originally Posted by 7SearchBrad View Post

      Hi Arranrice, I've sent you a connection request on Skype. We can go from there.
      Thanks, I've accepted the request.
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    I haven't had much luck with dating on 7search, just make sure you track everything and weed out the non converting keywords and ids
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    Like Chris said make sure you weed out everything.

    Also I agree with the others in, I haven't had much luck with dating!
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      7search I couldn't get a single conversion on a dating offer. 7search i had success with submits & dating offers it was only pof i got conversions.
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    Well yesterday i have tried a ppc campaign with 7 search , only picked highly targeted keywords and got 17000 impressions with 70 clicks without conversions so i believe this niche is not the right one to use with 7search. I have tried 3x the payout.
    Facebook probably is best i think.
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    i have no idea where 7s gets it's traffic from but i had over 500 email signups, but no sales on a product that converted in the 25% range from other sources. But i was mot in the dating niche.
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    I saw a Gauher Chaudhry vid last fall where he set up campaigns on several 2nd tier search engines, including 7Search. 7S was the first of 4 or 5 he did. Each campaign was done in the Health & Fitness niche. After launching each campaign, he lost on days 1 thru 4, but was trying different times with DayParting and eliminating poor producing traffic over those days using Partner Blocking. Day 5 profited a bit. Day 6 was 45% ROI and he scaled it big for Day 7 and his week overall was at 80% ROI. Imagine what he did the next 7 Days once he finished a week of "buying data"!

    7S has been around since 1999, they are doing something right. You just need to learn what works and get good at it. 7Search is a second tier Search Engine, and does have garbage traffic, as do all 2nd tier engines. The key is to spend a little bit of money and several days figuring out the winning ads, the winning LP's, the right keywords, the right times of day, and the partners you need to block.

    As Gauher demonstrated with several second tiers, you have to learn the source, eliminate the losers and scale up the winners.

    Edit: I have just started with 7S, talk ton Brad. He'll help you get going.
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