LookSmart Vs adMarketplace?

by bpenn34 3 replies
I am looking to try out a new traffic source for ppc. Does LookSmart or adMarketplace get more traffic?

Any help would be appreciated
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    I have tried looksmart, very low volume and low conversions (yes it converts)
    Not tried adMarketplace.

    You are better off trying 7search or bing. Atleast you are sure you can get results

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      What search provider you choose is largely dependent on what you’re in the market for. The two advertising companies offer two different services.

      If you’re looking for incredibly cheap clicks, $0.05 or less, than you should go with looksmart. Although I’m not sure how much volume they’ve got, or where they get it from.

      If you want premium traffic with a legitimate chance of converting, then go with adMarketplace. If you can place a pixel, you can adjust your keyword bids by any of the traffic sources in their search network, so if one source performs better than others, you can bid up and get more traffic from it. Obviously, competition creates higher CPCs (large Google spenders use adMarketplace) — but when you’re only paying for performance your ROI tends to reflect that.
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    Are you interested in traffic or conversions? You'll probably get more volume and quality through admarketplace, but more expensive.

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