a.marketadsads.com What is this? Spy?

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i am getting clicks that im not buying traffic for from refferer domain a.marketsads.com does anyone know what this website is? is it like a spy database like boxofads? whoever is going to my links is spying on my LP's
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    Would like to know as well. Getting a lot of a.marketadsads.com, a.advertiserdigital.com, and a.marketsadvertiser.com. Started pretty suddenly too and like 95% of the traffic comes from these 3 domains now. Wtf is that?
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    What is the traffic source you are doing?
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      They used to send traffic from yahoo mail, bing, and other recognizable sites. Now all i see is a.networksmarkets.com, a.advertisements.com, a.marketsadviser.com, a.marketsad.com, a.networksad.com, a.networkstraffic.com, a.advertiserexchange.com, etc etc etc.

      These are the referrer domains and this is for both keywords and URLs..
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    i only see it on my LI campaigns with cpvlabs. thought it was boxofads or some clicker software wasting my money and was about to start banning some ip addresses.
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    Yeah...I've been seeing a crap load of these referrers as well over my short stint with LeadImpact, but seeing that I just signed up with them, I thought this was normal. However, for some reason my keywords are not getting passed through the subid variable so I'm not sure what is causing this other than fake clicks.
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    Since we are dealing with LeadImpact PPV ads here, the referring is never being passed like a banner ad or a PPC ad. Because the LeadImpact impressions are not coming from the website you are bidding on, they are coming from LeadImpact's Toolbars/Software when someone's browser views the website you are bidding. For that reason looking at the referrer doesn't mean too much with LeadImpact.

    So you could bid on the URL on Facebook.com, but Facebook is not really showing your ads, LeadImpact is showing them. You ad isn't on Facebook.com at all. So you would not naturally see a Facebook.com referrer.

    LeadImpact's software probably injects the referrer as whatever website triggered the pop-up, so you can see it. But it wouldn't happen naturally without LeadImpact doing it.

    Now they are probably changing their tracking setup, and aren't currently injecting the referrer. Those domains probably have something to do with LeadImpact's servers.

    It is probably a new setup on their side like they said, since also these sub-id passing errors are poping up. I wouldn't worry about for now too much.

    Just my 2 cents.

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