POF wildly inconsistent in approving ads

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This of course has been my first impression of advertising on POF the past few weeks. However, I've noticed they are very inconsistent in approving ads. For example, I submitted two 310x110 ads, all with just text. One got approved one day, and I submitted another one to test with a few changes in the text and it got disapproved for reason "ads cannot contain just text".

Another example today. I submitted a 310x110 banner with a white background and blue text. One got approved in one campaign, and another campaign it didn't get approved for reason "using POF colors".


Anyone else having this experience with POF?
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    Unfortunately I find this on several traffic sources, and I just think it's different people, different perspectives and understandings. If you feel your ad is within their tos then just resubmit it, or reach out to Ben or Shannon for clarification.
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    In my experience with POF, you should resubmit your ads your just contact Ben and he will help you. This guy helped me alot.
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    If it is strange that it got disapproved I always resubmit it once (not any more than that), and then if it is denied again reach out to POF or just move one.

    I'm ussally making so many ads to test, I don't get too caught up in the inconstancy, it is better to just keep things moving and not waste time.
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    I experience the same. Particularly on recent days more new representatives coming in and they behave strange on approving ads..

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