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Unread 9th Nov 2010, 07:35 PM   #1
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Tip The Value of Using the Warrior Forumís New Article Marketing Section

We, as marketers, are always looking for ways to boost traffic to our sites, gain an SEO advantage, and gather powerful backlinks to our domains. Allen Says has just given us a very powerful tool to use at our disposal and I can already vouch for the power of a thread from this forum in helping you get top rankings in Google.

As many of you know, I often run WSOs and start threads of my own in the main section. Many of my new customers have stated they found me on Google when a Warrior Forum link came up #1.

Here are a few examples - go to and type these phrases in without quotes:

depression plr (my WSO is #1)

senior health plr (my WSO is #1)

self development plr (another WF thread is #1)

panic and anxiety plr (my WSO is #1)

Anyway you get my point. PLR is my business, so it’s been nice that when my own site can’t achieve the #1 ranking, at least a post on the Warrior Forum CAN. And it’s nice that when someone clicks through on that article, they’re met with my post first – and exposed to the links to my domains in the sig file.

This section of the forum is going to be reserved for Internet Marketing content, too – which means those of us in this industry are going to get a narrowed niche directory to pool our content together and create a potent area for Google to view as an authority.

If you’re savvy with your article titles (since that goes into the URL of the thread link), you could do some serious damage to your competition.

And while the article marketing forum section will be moderated by us as a community, (which is good because we don’t want Google seeing junk), this is a community of basically like-minded marketers, so there’s no heavy-handed editor looking down his nose at you because you’re selling something online.

I truly believe that for those of us in this IM niche, the article marketing section is going to overpower EZA easily – and other directories to boot.

Not only will these threads get ranked high – they’ll get indexed with lightening speed because Google’s probably left an in-house bot here thanks to all the frequent content. So no waiting to see if and when your content gets picked up.

Another perk? No waiting for article approval like you have to do on other article directories (sometimes as much as 11 ridiculous days)!

The forum has already lended itself to be a powerhouse for SEO and traffic by accident – just by us posting without much fore-thought – it’s time we set out to deliberately dominate the search engines with keyword-strategic titles and fantastic content that has people bookmarking and sharing and converting from random views into click-throughs and sales!


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Default Re: The Value of Using the Warrior Forumís New Article Marketing Section

Sweet! You gotta love anything that gives you the edge. Check this out.
Type the following text into Google's search box and see what shows up:

It's impressive already!

~ James
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Unread 24th Feb 2012, 11:20 PM   #3
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Default Re: The Value of Using the Warrior Forumís New Article Marketing Section

Type the following text into Google's search box and see what shows up:

I'm seeing this:
News for

Search Engine Land

Scroogle unplugged for good this time

Register - 3 days ago
“ is gone forever,” Brandt told BetaBeat. “Even if all my DDoS problems had never started in December, Scroogle was already getting squeezed ...

The first step to improving your posture is getting to know these muscles,
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Unread 17th Mar 2015, 07:26 AM   #4
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Default Re: The Value of Using the Warrior Forumís New Article Marketing Section

I can't see an articles forum subscription under the paid memberships options.

Is this articles forum still open for new articles?


Dale Reardon
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