Where Can You Buy Ebooks For Resale?

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An infopreneur business model that lets you get started almost immediately without having to struggle with the time-consuming process of creating an information product is to buy ebooks for resale.

In effect, a writer creates an ebook or special report, and then offers it to other infopreneurs with resale rights. You, along with others interested in the idea, can buy these ready-to-go ebooks and then start selling them to your audience, and keep all the profits.

There are many different sources where you can buy ebooks for resale and the value you get for your money will vary depending on the source.

Buy Ebooks For Resale Directly From Writers

Sometimes, ebook authors directly sell resale rights to their ebooks. Rarely, they will sell the rights alone, without even bothering to sell their own ebooks themselves.

Why would they do it after struggling hard to create the ebook? Maybe they need some quick cash, or don't like the bother of marketing ebooks, or are simply bored and want to move on to another project. Whatever the reasons, you can pick up practically brand new ebooks, and resell them for a profit.

Buy Ebooks For Resale From Forums

On various niche forums, you will find members who author ebooks offering resale rights to their work from time to time. Some forums even have a section for members to make offers to other participants, and often you will find offers selling resale rights licenses.

Buy Ebooks For Resale From Membership Sites

Many niche membership sites specialize in offering ebooks you can resell to others. These membership sites either commission a ghostwriter to create ebooks specifically for their members, or simply bundle together ebooks with resale rights they purchase from other sources.

Regardless of their system, you can buy ebooks for resale from these sites just for the membership access fee.

Buy Ebooks For Resale From eBay

Auction sites like eBay often list ebooks with resale rights. Most of the time, these listings are posted by folks with little marketing skill who purchase ebooks with master resale rights.

Finding it hard to sell the ebooks at full price, they shift to auctioning off the rights to recover their investment - and you can get some great bargains by spending some time searching for such deals.

Buy Ebooks For Resale From Package Deals

For various reasons, some business owners run firesales, special package offers and bundle up their product and services to generate some quick cash.

If these packages of products include ebooks with resale rights, you can get yourself a good deal by grabbing these specially discounted offers at rock-bottom prices.

From all these different sources you can buy ebooks for resale and jump-start your infopreneur career by selling them to hot, hungry, eager audiences. Being an infopreneur is not about just creating valuable content but also making it available to people who want the information badly.

By short-circuiting the product creation phase and buying ebooks to resell, you can speed up your time to profitability, and set yourself up to build a client list even while you plan future additions to your stable of information products, some of which you will create and others that you will buy from others with resale rights.
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