List Building Tips - What Is A J.V. Giveaway Event?

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What Is A J.V. Giveaway Event?

Perhaps you have heard about J.V. Giveaway events but never really understood them or what they are. In this article I am going to explain what a J.V. Giveaway event is and how you can benefit from using them.

A J.V. Giveaway event is an event used by Internet marketers who want to grow their list. They want to add new subscribers to their list. So they join the giveaway as a Joint Venture partner. Joint Venture is what the J.V. stands for. So, really it is a Joint Venture Giveaway.

A J.V. Giveaway event is organised and run by an Internet marketer usually using a script which manages the event for them. They advertise, usually by emailing to their lists of other marketers who are also interested in growing their own lists.

These Internet marketers then join the J.V. Giveaway event as J.V. partners. They submit their squeeze page to the giveaway event. This squeeze page will usually offer a free gift. Some large J.V. Giveaway events can have hundreds of J.V. Partners.

At a set date in the future, usually two or three weeks after the J.V. Giveaway has opened to J.V. partners, the event will open to ordinary members. Each J.V. Partner is expected to promote the event when it opens to ordinary members, by emailing their list.

When ordinary members join the event they must first sign up to the giveaway event itself, so the event organizer gets the most opt-ins. When the members download a free gift, they have to join the email list of each J.V. Partner who has provided the free gift, so the J.V. Partners grow their list too.

Most J.V. Giveaways also offer the option of upgrading your account so that you can submit multiple free gifts, multiple text ads and also special offers.

J.V. Giveaways are really like a giant ad swap. It is not unusual to see over 1000 members join some of the larger events to download free gifts. So, if you are into list building, don’t ignore J.V. Giveaways as a great way to add fresh subscribers to your list.

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