Low Cost Start up Business - 4 Ways to Make Money without Any Investment

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What if you discovered low cost start up business which will only require your interest and creativity to make money for yourself? Do you want to know there are many low cost start up business available online. But my article will list down few easy ones which you can get started off with right now.

The purpose of this article is to show some low cost start up business by just providing your creativity skills with the available resources.

Here are step by step details to get you started right now.

Step 1 – Be a finder

A Low cost start up business is the one which requires nil or a very low investment as you already provide your time and energy for it. You can choose a low cost start up business by being a professional finder. If you possess great research skills and you also like to shop then you can easily become a professional finder.

For a finder’s fee, you can track down almost anything like old vinyl records, classic wines, rare books or vintage cars etc. The fees you charge should purely depend upon the value of the item and the time required for finding it.

Step 2 - Cleaning and janitorial services

A very low cost start up business is being a cleaner. Even today, the demand for cleaning and janitorial services is much. You can make optimum advantage of this market by offering your services as a domestic cleaner. You will find local cleaning jobs advertised in newspapers and on notice boards. Once you have built up a few regular clients, you will have a healthy little business.

Step 3 – Make use of online auction sites

You can become an auction lister and your low cost start up business is all set to make money for you. If you have interest in photography and also possess photography skills, than here is the business for you. You can make use of your camera, your photography skills and an internet connection. You can start listing items on online auction sites for other people.

Depending upon your photography you can click and list items either for a fixed fee, a percentage of the final sale price, or a mixture of both. You need to remember to take into account any listing fees and commissions on the auction site when setting your prices for providing your skills of photography.

Step 4 – Become a Distributor

A very low cost start up business is by being a leaflet or coupon distributor. If you like travelling and enjoy walking, you can start up a leaflet or coupon distribution service. It will keep you fit and also make you earn some extra cash at the same time by enjoying doing what you like to do.

These days, many leaflets and coupons are distributed with newspapers and magazines. But still some people prefer leaflets to be distributed door to door. You can approach local businesses like restaurants and home repair services that require mostly leaflet and coupon distribution.

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With the help of online business start up ideas your network should increase together with your personal presence online.
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